Theatre of


Saturday November 10th

Keith and Erin are fighting Ted


List of performers:

  1. Nicole
  2. Amy Sara
  3. Pete Guither
  4. Mitch
  5. Tyler Ruff
  6. Dan Risen
  7. Erokow
  8. Nicole
  9. Tux Guy
  10. Katrina
  11. brian
  12. Jack
  13. Jared
  14. Gregg
  15. Ian
  16. Ron
  17. Paul
  18. Kevin
  19. Dylan and Uncle Ron and carthy.

Underlines denote first time performers.

Approximate running time:

Bout an hour and a half


Number of Pieces:






Host Notes:

Know this, any misspellings or lack of capilowlisations are things I donÕt care about. Also bad grammer.

            This Ted started out with me calling out the poor handling of the previous weekÕs Ted.  I couldnÕt be there and I apparently left Ted in very poor hands.  Not only did they force their opinions on the Ted audience, they forced them to think that they didnÕt like me, Keith Habersberger.  I mean come on!  ItÕs me!  Keith Habersberger!  Then me, Jared, Caty, and Erin all got in a big fight until I decided it was time to start theatre of Ted.  Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic applause!

            The first piece of the night was by Nicole who came up and told us all that we would be filmed by TV10 this evening.  If anyone didnÕt want to be filmed, they could tell the camera people and they would not film them.  I was thrilled that this Ted was so hateful the one time the university gets a peek at us.  Oh well.

            The second piece tonight was Amy Sara who was talking up Chicago Ted that is going on November 24.  She also talked about Winter ball.  This year, the theme is Òfrom page to party.Ó  People can come as anyone from any piece of literature.  Or any piece of text.  As long as it is written, you can come as it.  These host notes? Yes.  Huck finn? Yes.  Planet earth? Now that I have written it, yes.  Have fun with it folks.

            Pete came up next and was hesitant because of the media fold in the room.  Never the less, he said about 50 words that mean pot, and gave us the question, if there are so many words for pot, why is everyone so afraid to talk about it?  Pete spoke a lot about how we should talk more and come to understand more and challenge the law.  He also let us know, that way back when, looong ago, before laws even existed, he may have taken part in activity which we would discuss if people would just talk about it more.  it was a very thought provoking ted piece.

            Tyler Ruff came up next and sang a song.  It was really good!  some of the best guitar playing and singing I have heard at ted in a while!  I remember that the song itself had a fun chord progression and it was just a really pleasant voice.  I think the audience dug it too.  Also, the man was attractive if I remember right.

            Mitch came up next, told me to laugh at Bridget Thomas, then performed a poem.  I was lost in the words.  I donÕt know if that means I was entranced, or just confused.  I did write down that it was about crazy stuff and that it was Ònature esqueÓ  whatever that means.  I didnÕt write anything in really dark pencil though, so I must have enjoyed it.

            Meanwhile, Erin was being a total bitch.

            The next piece that came was the people with the martial arts club.  They fought with big old wooden swords.  It was cool. I was scared.  I always get worried about the audience when there is violence, but I have to trust people wont hurt each other.  And, they didnÕt.

            Next was a first timer named Erikow.  I donÕt remember how to pronounce it, but I do remember that I pronounced it very wrong at ted.  He did a neat little pantomime act where he did balloon tricks with sound effects.  Not a bad piece.  Nice and short.

            Then came TV10Õs own NICOLE!!! She did a little poem!  It was awesome!  I was so glad that she performed!

            The Tux guy came up after Nicole to tell us that women at ISU have poor taste in guys. 

            At this point, Erin inadvertently burned herself by agreeing with Tuxedo guy.

            Katrina came up next and sang a song.  It was a very somber moment of ted because the song was dedicated to her friend who died in a car crash earlier on in the day.  It had been a hard week already, and this only put a cherry on top for her.  She sang Òif I saw you in heavenÓ  it was very beautiful seeing someone try to do something for someone they loved.  And, Katrina, you have a lovely voice.

            Brian came up next and did some prose.  It was also concerning nature.  Or at least I thought it was.  Maybe not.  Look.  I am not really great at judging poetry or anything along those lines.  I am just all sorts of out of the loop on it.  I think it was good.  I think this prose was very prosey. 

            The next piece was a long anticipated piece from a guy from U of I.  it was oyster ballet.  He danced the oyster ballet from alice in wonderland.  It was bad ass.  Kick ass.  I was inspired.  I loved it.  Or at least I convinced myself that I did because I really loved the title.  It was fun as hell.  And his glasses came off!

            Jared came up and asked himself some questions.  Here is what I wrote. 

He would have shel silverstein write his biography, he would have the power of telekinesis, if he could have a bed set made of anything it would be made of hugs, and stitched with affection and pleasant sighs.  He would hang out with Mr. Shydecker if he could.  He would drink and smoke with him.  And he wants a sexy friend.  Something like that.

            Gregg brown came up next and played backup for himself.  WITH HIS CD!  It was interesting.  I liked hearing GreggÕs blend with himself.  It was really cool.  He really matched himself well.  He was really rocking out this time too.  He looked so happy.

            Ian miller then came up and juggled :  balls, clubs, diaboloÕs, and a sword with his clubs.  He also juggled my heart.  COME BACK TO ME!

            Ron came up next and lectured really funny stuff.  It was all face course descriptions.  I think it was all voodoo based.  It was really funny and original.  I want Ron to write a book.  Seriously.  Put all his lectures together in a book.  Call it, Teachings from absurdity or something.

            Paul then came up.  He made a fart joke, said my girlfriend looked like a cheerleader from heroes, and he talked about west side story.  After all that, he sang a song that evidently meant nothing to him.

            Kevin came up and had a birthday announcement!  I assume we sang.

Then he did a poem!!!! I love when he does poems.  They are funny and short.

            The last piece of the night was a rap from relatively close cast members.  It was cute.  They plugged their show.  Yup.

            Then, to end out Ted, I did my stage combat fight with Mindy to represent how I felt toward erin.  It was really sloppy, and the fighting probably looked terrible, but we had fun.  And after I axe kicked mindy across the face, I said Òtheatre of ted, enthusiastic applause.Ó


Performance pieces: 

  1. Nicole – TV10 announcement
  2. Amy Sara – Chicago Ted announcement
  3. Pete Guither – Alice B. Toklas
  4. Mitch – Literature of Pertinence, eh?
  5. Tyler Ruff – a song
  6. Dan Rosen – the announcement, now with violence
  7. erokow – Magic. Trick.
  8. Nicole – poem
  9. Tux Guy – clean cut and overlooked part 2
  10. Katrina – a song
  11. Brian – in memorium
  12. Jack – oyster Ballet
  13. Jared – a few questions for, and from, jared
  14. Gregg – a new CD
  15. Ian – Throwing things and catching things
  16. Ron – curriculum
  17. Paul – a song
  18. Kevin – a bald manÕs wedding
  19. Dylan and uncle Ron and Carthy – Relatively closed off




Piece of the week:

 Ron - cirriculum


Dare to Suck Award:

Erokow – Magic. Trick


Jaw Dropper:

 Ian just catching that blade all the time.  and those people with swords.  And that noose in the back of the theatre.


Super secret Hidden Theme*:

 Lots of violence and hatred the one time media is at Ted.

*Hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.