Theatre of


Saturday October 20

Psychedelic Ted

Keith and Greg as hosts


List of performers:

  1. Jared Mason
  2. Craig Sadur
  3. Annie Rix
  4. Evan Wesselman
  5. Amanda Roark and friends
  6. Dave Ruthenberg
  7. Pete Tenuto
  8. Dan Rosen
  9. Tuxedo Guy Ron Sweeny
  10. Paul
  11. Gregg Brown
  12. R.J.


Underlines denote first time performers.

Approximate running time:

1 hourish


Number of Pieces:




70 or so


Host Notes:

Know this, any misspellings or lack of capilowlisations are things I don’t care about. Also bad grammer.


            This Theatre of Ted was a very special Ted. It started out with Greg Gelder and me trying to blow the audience’s mind. We had lots of black lights and special effects, and we danced really awesomely. But, I am not so sure that we effectively impressed anyone. In fact, I think we just left the audience feeling like they had just seen a Bainbridge performance. Oh well. After that, ted commenced. Enthusiastic applause and all that jazz.

            Today we started out with Jared Mason announcing through mime for everyone to sign the Ted book if they have not yet signed it. It came across very well. And blew our minds.

            Craig Sadur came up next (which was awesome in its own right) and performed a very Craigesque piece. There were some random jokes, some awkward moments, and some sexy smiles, and at the end, the audience was confused as all hell. Awesome.

            Annie came up next and made an announcement about how great the next theatre of Ted would be. Halloween Ted will be an experience you wont want to miss.

            Evan Wesselman came up next with a challenge to the Ted audience to perform and win some tickets to rocky horror. AJ Rahm and Toni somethings won. They sang toucha toucha toucha touch me. I was really confused at what was going on. I thought that Evan and his crew were going to sing a song. They didn’t.

            Dave Ruthenberg came up and blew us away with more lectures in evil. I don’t think there was a moment where the audience wasn’t in hysterics. He is great at writing essayist humor and presents it really well. Some great lines from this piece included that something was “like a talking hamster that betrays you before it explodes due to the grenade that’s been lodged in its chest.” And “the 8th Harry Potter book, ‘Harry Potter and the Agony of Existence.’” It is like a really great standup bit. Its great stuff. I have a crush on him. He is beautiful.

            Pete Tenuto came up next with a sing-a-long. Craig played with him. The crowd seemed to enjoy singing. Maybe there are a few American idols in our audience...


            Dan Rosen came up next to announce some sort of Martial arts club that had the word “Cock” in the name. I am sure it is an underground cock-fighting ring. I did enjoy when he said that this was not the medieval combat club. Its was funny for some reason.

            Jared came up with another installment of “mundane manly mime.” He read a book, ate a banana, and chopped wood. It’s really good mime work, but the description doesn’t do it justice. Just trust that it is very funny.

            Tux Guy came up and made Annie’s announcement again.

            Paul came up next and muttered under his breath for a long time. I heard the words optimus prime, and I wanted something to happen.

            Then I danced really energetically to my own singing to wake the audience up for the next few pieces.

            Gregg Brown came up second to last to sing “Blowin’ in the Wind.” At this point in the night, various people who wanted Pete to take their picture decided to wave their hands and lighters into the air. Gregg Played really well and serenely as always.

            R.J. stumbled on stage to announce the theatre of Ted youtube. check it out. There are a lot of fun pieces from years past on it!

            Then after all was done, Greg and I ended Ted and I announced for everyone to dance. And we did. Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause.


Performance pieces:

  1. Jared Mason – Book
  2. Craig Sadur – whatever the hell I think of
  3. Annie Rix – announcement
  4. Evan Wesselman and crew – Rocky Horror
  5. Dave Ruthenberg – More Lectures in Evil
  6. Pete Tenuto – Sing a long
  7. Dan Rosen – The announcement
  8. Jared Mason – Mundane Manly Mime
  9. Tuxedo Guy Ron Sweeny – Something to say
  10. Paul – meh
  11. Gregg Brown – Blowin in the wind
  12. RJ - Youtube





Piece of the week:

Dave Ruthenberg with More Lectures in Evil


Dare to Suck Award:

Paul with meh


Eye Drooper:



Super secret Hidden Theme*:

Announcements were the prominent kind of piece.


*Hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.