Theatre of


Saturday, November 5, 2005

“Chad and Craig ruin thanksgiving”


            List of performers:

            Evan Wessellman

            Mitch Est

            Pete Guither

            The Chad Greskiwcz

            Craig Sadur

            Tuxedo man


Pete Tenuto

            Amber Harris

            Approximate Running Time:

            Around an Hour or so

            Number of Pieces:



            1200 (minus 1188)


Craig’s Random Rant:


Hello this is Craig Sadur. I hosted for the second time today. Well co Hosted actually (I am aware I used that joke last host nights). I think the Chad and I made an excellent team. Thanks, Again to Brian and Mark to let the Chad and I host tonight.

            Thanksgiving Ted started off with The Chad and I introducing ourselves. I then said, “Fuck you” to the Chad and walked off stage as if I was pissed about something. It was really just a corny excuse for me to grab my guitar. I came back on with a sheriff hat that I found backstage, and my guitar. I played a really shitty song about thanksgiving Ted. The Chad and I then made a few jokes and then we said “Theatre of Ted Enthusiastic applause!”

            Our first piece of the night was Evan with redneck Carols. These were carols written by Larry the Cable guy. Some songs that Evan sang were “Blue balls”, “Get a job you bum bum bum”, and “ Donny the Retard.”

            Next was Mitch with an improv game. We played a story telling game that we titled “You’re mom is a brave new world.” At first it was just the Chad and me but I pulled Amber from the audience (I love you too Amber). Chad, Mitch, Frankenstein, Amber, and I played this game. When we would screw up a story we had to have a creative way to die. Interesting aspects of the game was a story about your mom eating the midget from jackass and your mom having sex with the members of the classic rock group R.A.T.T.

            Zen Chaos was a blast. Pete had us sit down on the mats and told us to mediate and find our inner chaos. After we all found our inner chaos people did weird and interesting things. Chad stood on one foot with his shoe on his head. Justin was doing cartwheels. I took off my pants and started whipping people with them. Amber went around spanking people. Since my pants were off her spanking my semi bare ass was quite interesting

            After putting my pants back on in front of the audience I announced the next act. It was the Chad. His piece was a rant about his new gloves. The gloves have flashlights built in them and are Geektastic. He also talked about curling up with girls and how that when a girl asks, “ What are you thinking about?” you should say something about penguins.

            I think it was around this point that the attractive Amber told me my shoes were untied. She volunteered to tie them and like a fool I said “ no they will just get untied.” Luckily someone in the audience said, “ Craig are you crazy a girl wants to tie your shoes?” I then realized my foolish ways and got my shoes tied. There should be a great picture of this on the Ted photos.

            Next was Evan with a true story of the night before Christmas. This was about Jack Nicholson instead of Santa Claus. It was an amusing tale that made some funny jokes about a great actor.


This is Chad taking some quick notes while Craig Performs. MMMM… Cookies.

Craig read us an eyebrow-raising poem he had written about how some people used to treat him differently because of the randomness that we have all come to
know and love.

After I performed Tuxedo Man and Frankenstein performed. This was an amazing piece about how they get judged based on how they dress and look. I feel very bad to not know their real names, which is essentially what the piece is about. There was a funny joke about how tuxedo man should get lots of girls but in reality has never had a girlfriend. Ladies for crying out loud he wears a tuxedo and is a good-looking fellow!!!! They also compared themselves to batman and robin. Excellent work guys I look forward to seeing you guys perform again.

            Then the Chad performed again. It was a monologue about Dungeons and Dragons. It was an interesting piece that he acted well.

            Then Pete Tenuto performed. He started playing a song by Radiohead. He played it well. He then played his song “Not What I wanted.” I remember him playing it the last time I performed. It was even better the second time around. The Chad and I had it stuck in our heads thru foursquare.

Chad’s section

Craig busted out his guitar and gave us a little reminder that the trees are not
to be trusted. After all, "Some of the trees are on her side."

After trying to see what piece would go next I played again and here is what Chad says.

Craig brought out his guitar once more, and.. Well... he did what Craig does
best. Apparently, he likes his peas and carrots.

Then Mitch played my guitar. He played the song “My ding a ling” by Chuck Berry. It got the crowd motivated and was an amusing song.

Well that was all for Ted tonight. There may have been a couple other performances but I don’t remember. Sorry if I missed anyone. Anyways, I had a great time hosting again. The Chad and I both had fun. Thanks for the cookies Pete. THEATRE OF TED ENTHUSIASTIC FUCKING APPLAUSE



Performance pieces:

Evan with “Redneck Carol”

Mitch with “Improv”

Pete with “Zen Chaos “

Chad with “My gloves rant”

Evan with “What Really happened in the Night before Christmas”

Craig with “Poems”

Tuxedo Man and Frankenstein (sorry I forgot your real names) with What if?

The Chad with “a Monologue”

Pete with “a coupla songs”

Craig with “ the sun beats down”

Craig with a “song about trees”

Mitch with “my Ding a ling”






Piece(s) of the week:

Tuxedo man and Frankenstein with “What if?”



Dare to Suck Award:

Tuxedo man and Frankenstein with “What if?”

Mitch with “My ding a ling”


The Craig Sadur Award for outstanding excellence during this weeks Ted:

Craig Sadur with his brilliant Songs.

Mitch with having the guts to do improve and a song unplanned and actually pulling it off

Jaw dropper:

            Amber walking around spanking people

            The Band RATT having sex with your mom.


Super secret Hidden Theme*:

            Judgment and intolerance


*Hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.