Theatre of


Saturday, November 5, 2005

“Craig’s break on through to the other side of Ted”


List of performers:


Pete Tenuto

The Chad

Matt Richert

Mary and Piven

Matt Harzon

Perry Winkle




Approximate Running Time:

Around 1 hour and 10 minutes



Number of Pieces:






Craig’s Random Rant:


Greetings fellow Tedder’s I am Craig fucking Sadur. For people that thought it would never happen, it did, I finally Hosted Ted. Well Co-hosted to be more precise. I was entirely grateful to Mark and Brian to let me do so. When Brian asked me to do this I was extremely happy and called my Mother within seconds to tell her the good news. Yes I know, I am a Momma’s boy.

Tonight started with Brian and Mark playing a game of Fact or Fiction. They played and said “ Fact Craig Sadur is hosting Ted tonight.” So then I came out and played a rioting round of Fact or Fiction. After we said our enthusiastic applause it was stated that tonight’s Ted would be random. Ted tonight will not be a structured list of when acts will be, but chosen out of a hat. Random? I believe it is. Craig’s randomness seemed to be taking over theatre of Ted.

Since Bainbridge usually goes first due to set up complications we cheated and had them go first. Bainbridge really seems to be coming along quite well. It started with a remote control car doing random movements. They had Chloe and Aymie from Marat Sade due some acting as mimicry of the show. They also had a woman doing some sort of thing on a ladder. Brian asked me what she was doing and I had no idea. In talking to others they too had no idea. Oh well.


After telling a random joke Brian drew a name out of a hat. The person however wasn’t ready and therefore couldn’t perform. So I then drew a new performer out of the hat. The guy goes by the name of Pete Tenuto. He played a very well written song. I liked his voice and his guitar playing abilities.

After some more fact or fiction my friend, the Chad was chosen. His piece was about the D.J.'s on the Internet game, Kingdom of Loathing. Chad discussed a D.J. that said babies come from a stork and a cabbage having sex. After this Chad sang a song. I have no idea what it was about though.

Random Host note: Family guy and American Guy while I finished this notes both had “All in the family” Jokes.

            After some more jokes Keith and Matt were chosen. I was really impressed by this piece. Instead of Keith doing verbal comedy, he did a really cool physical comedy set. He would have Matt play some songs and Keith would make some really funny faces. After that Matt started singing a song. After asking Brian who the artist was he reminded me it was the Backstreetboy’s. The sad part is I was actually familiar with the song. Please don’t hate me Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon.

Mary and Piven were next up. I stated a fact that they rocked. When they came up they told me that this song would not rock. However I really enjoyed it. It was cool to see them try a different style of music tonight and I was very impressed. YOU GUYS FUCKING KICK ASS!!!

            Next up was Matt. He played one of my favorite modern musicians once again, Ben Folds. His song was really cool. The audience got so into it that he threw down his piano bench. I hope the bench is ok though. Then he played an original tone. I started acting goofy (like usual) and got the crowd to stomp there feet while hitting their legs with their hands.

            Brian said a fact that I was offbeat for 75 % of that song. Then my good friends Tim, Mike, And Al played as the band Perry Winkle. They played a pixies song. It was really good. They are terrific musicians and Tim puts me to shame as a percussionist.

            Next was Mitch with a piece that was cancelled for next week. He did however do some break dancing. It was quick and interesting.

            Random host note: Who checks the message boards anymore.

            The Chad then finished off the evening with a couple things. He first called this girl named Sherry that had been calling Brian and Mark before Ted started. Apparently neither Mark nor Brian knew her and she appeared to be drunk on their phone. So Chad called them, and apparently she wasn’t there. I told Chad he should tell her I am available. Then Chad got a bunch of people to dance in a line. It was weird. Then Ted ended. Anyways I really enjoyed Ted Tonight and had loads of fun hosting. Oh that’s right I can only end the notes one way, THEATRE OF TED ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Performance pieces:


Bainbridge with “Bainbridge”

Pete Tenuto with “ Not what I wanted”

The Chad with “ Wisdom of the kingdom of loathing”

Keith and Matt with “interpretative Faces”

Mary and Piven with “This mess”

Matt Harzon with “ Rock Sonata”

Perrywinkle with “ Pleasure”

Mitch (?) With “a little something”

The Chad with “ call to sherry and wild tango dance”





Piece(s) of the week:

Matt Harzon with “Rock Sonata” (although the piano’s bench has seen better days)


Dare to Suck Award:

Merry and Piven with “ This mess”

Keith and Matt with “Interpretive Faces”


Jaw dropper:

Girl on ladder for Bainbridge

Craig surprising people as host (C.J. I finally did it!!!)


The host’s biased award**:

Keith Habersberger, Perry Winkle (they watch my TV show so I love them) and of course my friend The Chad.

Super secret Hidden Theme*

Hmm I wonder if it could be Randomness?

Yes it was randomness

Well the randomness was intentional

So was the Ted random??

Oh and of course phone calls to and from Sherry

*Hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.

** This is a new category I added that would probably die. All host-biased awards were written and awarded before the actual Ted started. Hence the reason they are biased.