*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.


Super Secret Theme: People forgetting their lines in pieces


CJ’s Mental Breakdown

Bainbridge with “Worms” – WTF?!

Jaw dropper:

David Roby with “Just David”

Dare to Suck Award:

The Chad with “The Geek Wants Out!”

Keith and Matt Richert with “Supermarket”

Piece(s) of the week:





Bainbridge with “Worms”

Keith and Matt Richert with “Supermarket”

Tristen with Wish you were Here

Amanda and Sara with “Iggle”

CJ with Stand up

Matt Herzau with “2 Awesome Songs”

David Roby with “Just David”

Justin Pogue with “An Anouncement”

The Chad with “The Geek Wants Out!”

Adam Tucker with “Gracious”

Ross and Jared with “An Original Concept”

Keith Habersberger with “Psychadellic Geriatric”


Performance pieces:


We opened Ted tonight with a piece that was done in reverse to set the tone for backwards Ted. It began with me saying that Marc and I are dicks and I hate Marc for this. As the piece went on in reverse, it became apparent that Marc and I sleep together and spoon and discuss what we’re going to do for Ted while we spoon in bed.


The first piece of the night was the most messed-up thing I have ever seen at Ted. This piece was the most complicated set-up that I have ever seen. It was called “Worms” and the “leader” of the group told me they were called “Bainbridge”, so I’m going with that. They took like 15 minutes to set-up, and Marc and I had to kill time. So Marc played guitar and sang while I danced. He also had time to tell a story while I listened. We also just kind of stood there and held each other while these people took a year to set up. Then they performed their piece. I don’t know what it was, but it could only be shown at a place like Ted. It was epic, let’s just say that.


Keith performed the second piece of the night with a Puppet Show! Matt Richert was skillfully accompanying Keith on the keyboard. Keith did some amazing puppetry and it was quite awesome. The puppet sang a song about what it’s like being a puppet. Fun piece!


Before them was Tristen performing “Wish You Were Here”, by Pink Floyd, with an injured hand. He did a great job for having only one good hand.


Before that was a Ted veteran in her own right, Amanda Polley and Sara (I don’t know you’re last name with “Iggle”, a song that they did at the girl scout camp they were counselors at over the summer. They got everyone at Ted to get up and perform this song. It was a lot of fun to see everyone at Ted up and doing something besides letting their drunkenness sink in.


Before Matt was CJ Tuor with standup. This piece made me laugh so hard because of CJ’s crazy breakdown on stage about how Keith has “replaced” him at Ted and how every time Keith gets a laugh, Craig turns to CJ and gives him a look. That image just killed me. CJ’s rage makes me laugh so hard. I think we may have witnessed a breakthrough in the evolution of CJ. At first we embraced him as the charming young man who just couldn’t get girls because he was so awkward and had braces. Then he got a girlfriend and wasn’t funny. Then he tapped into his nerdliness for material and became funny again. To see an angry, clean, comedian is quite interesting and I’d like to see if he could do something with that. CJ also did an actual routine that was quite fun, but I just loved his crazy breakdown about Keith.


Matt Herzau was the “fifth” piece of the night. He performed a song called “Jeremy” that I think was original and he just owned! I was totally impressed with his singing and piano-playing ability because this is a talent I have never seen out of Matt, so congrats to you sir. After his performance of “Jeremy”, he followed it up with a Ben Folds song, “Not the Same”. I was so motivated by this piece that Nick Mikula and I made eye contact and decided to act as background dancers for Matt Herzau and we performed his famous “clock” character from Improv Mafia as a dance.


Before the announcement was my favorite piece of the night: David Roby with “Just David”. He performed a piece called “Hey Girl” which was incredibly sweet and fun. After that he started to do a poem that he wrote called “Twisted Love”, but David could not remember how the other half of his poem went, so he stopped TED and stood there thinking about it! That man has some serious stage presence and comfort in front of an audience. He then decided to do another poem while he jogged his memory! I just sat in awe as he did another good poem and then remembered the other half to “Twisted Love” and he actually finished “Twisted Love”! What a way to Dare to Suck and come out with a great finish! Kudos to Roby.


Before The Chad was Justin Pogue w/ an announcement about various projects. I forgot to write down what he said, but if he wants to publicize more things he can feel free to post on the Ted message board!


Before Adam was The Chad with “The Geek Wants Out”. This was about a man’s fight with his inner geek and the audience cheered at every geeky reference he made. What a way to win the crowd and start a near-riot of drunken nerds.


Before that was Adam (a 1st time performer!) playing and singing an (ORIGINAL!) song called California (ok, the title wasn’t that original, but who the hell cares it was great!). He was a little nervous at first, but really played well. He then performed a song called “My City of Ruin” which was another great performance piece that really seemed from the heart.


The second to last piece of the night was Ross and Jared with “An original concept”. This piece intrigued me a lot. It seemed like a conversation between two girls, played by Jared and Ross, but it was a dramatic scene. I don’t know about this one, I think I’ve heard this scene before somewhere, but I just can’t put my finger on what it’s exactly from…


The final act of the evening was Keith doing standup about rappers and phalluses. My mind was so damn backwards that night that I don’t really remember exactly what went on, but I laughed out loud several times and enjoyed another pretty good showing of standup by Keith. I do remember that he actually forgot part of his material and had to take a second to remember it and finish. What an odd Ted with everybody forgetting a part of their pieces at one point or another in the night. Doing the show backwards probably didn’t help, but it created some new and interesting moments


Marc and I decided to mess with the form of Ted this week and do Theatre of Ted backwards! This meant that the people that signed up for the 1st slot ended up going last and so on. We also did the “opener” at the end of the night. I also thought it might be funny to do Host Notes backwards and see if I could screw with you people one more time.

Host Notes:





Number of Pieces:



Approximate Running Time:

1 hour and 40 minutes


List of performers:

David Roby

Keith Habersberger

Matt Richert

Ross Frawley

Jared Winkler

Justin Pogue

Adam Tucker

The Chad

Matt Herzau

CJ Tuor


Amanda and Sara



*italics denote a new performer at TED


Theatre of


Saturday, September 24th 2005

“Backwards TED!”