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Saturday, Sept 17, 2005


Host Notes by Hopalong


List of Performers

Greg (Last Name)

Amy and Emily

CJ Tuor

Wingus + friend Garren?

Keith Habersberger (the rape guy)

Sean (Something)

CJ Tuor

Ryan and Chris


Running Time

1 hr. 15 min


Number of Folk

80 Š 100





Host Notes

            Howdy cowpoke, itÕs your favorite deputy Hopalong Marc here, writing up some much belated hostinÕ notes. The evening begun with a passible atempt at song by yers truly, an ended in me finding peace with an ole enemy a mine Pacos Brian, the Cuddling Kid. We agreed to host the variety hour at the Dusty Allen Saloon together.

            To start off with a bang we had Greg come up on stage and work with us on creatin some mad libs heÕd gotten earlier. We all learned an important lesson about what the perfect man is like. And although I donÕt have cheesy hair, or enjoy whispering drunk things in ladies ears like the mad lib said I should, I still feel I am a worth man.

            After that was a salute to John Stuart and the Ōmerican way by Amy and Emily who gave a fanciful reading from one of the schoolinÕ books called Ōmerica the book. It was righty informative bout the subject of our fine forefathers.

            Next up was the return of CJ and his tourinÕ funny show. He cracked me up good just like in the old days. He ended with a classical joke bout these fancy new elevators they got in them big cities. I just bout fell to pieces.

            FittinÕ with the theme of returninÕ acts we welcomed the musical group Wingus. They sang a lovely ballad I could swear I heared once while I was riding the range. Then they went to their more tradition style and brought forth a fine piece of music bout the human body to help teach the youngins bout their manly bits.

            Keith sucked hard.

            CJ returned to our stage for a pantomime performance where he called everyone to audition for some new show goinÕ down at the coffeehouse, or so he telled us in more words or less.

            Followin the famed CJ was a poetry readin by Sean. He worked good with letters, somethin I never much learned. Accordin to the man, one of his poems is appearing in a collection published by the city folk sometime soon.

            Last but probably least was a story by our old pals Chris and Ryan. They talked of how a young outlaw all liquored up at the nearby tavern stumbled into their claim talkin of how he had a right to be there. Needless to say our friends put him in his place.

            IÕm just funnin round with you Keith. I canÕt stay mad at you fer long. Yer comedy bit was touchin and personal and I know all bout the girl problems. I ainÕt seen a good woman in my place in months, and to think a respectable deputy like me strugglin through this life without a woman to cook or clean fer him. Maybe weÕll both get some better luck in the weeks to come. See yall soon.


Dare to Suck Award Š CJ for the pantomime thing.

Piece of the Night Š Wingus and co. for the triumphant return

Jaw Dropper Š Keith, the came across a girl at a party joke.


Secret Theme

No theme, you guys are lame and unconnected. There also werenÕt that many pieces.