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Saturday April 10th 2004

“Easter TED”



List of Performers




Lisa Adams

Craig ___

Nick Mikula

Brian Wohl

Ross Fareley


Tommy Pleviak

Pete Guither



Italics reserved for first time performers

Bold denotes returning alums


Approximate Running Time:

About an hour, like motherfucking lens crafters


Number of Performance pieces:






Russell’s Rant:

Here ye, here ye, Easter is on its way…but what about the people who couldn’t go home for Easter / don’t believe in Easter / lazyasses around town?

My friends, that is what Easter Ted is for. Always a small audience, but always a barrel full of laughs and scabies.

Lets start the show…






Host Notes:


It all started out so simple. Matt tried to explain that he had just gotten out of the Marriage of Figaro and that he was very excited to get back to full time hosting again, but needless to say being in a show has wiped him clean of fresh ideas or time to pull them off. For example, this weeks TED should have started with Matt in an Easter bunny costume being tied to a post and beaten then crucified a’la the passion of the Christ, but alas not enough time in the week to accomplish such lofty goals.


Y+R with Man Listen was up first performed by J-6…Confusin’ ain’t it folks?

J-6 performed a well-written beat poetry rap, which had very smooth lyrics and clipped along nicely. No music, just raw rhythm and patience. Very cool stuff.


Following up after that was yet another poetry beat piece that just so happened to be performed by Kusar! This beat was a wee bit, and I do mean wee, more humorous than the previous rap piece.


Matt Russell grabbed some volunteers up from the audience in order to play World’s Worst, this time the categories were academic advisor, bathroom attendant, and two more, but I can’t remember what they were. Some laughed, some cried, but I believe all <insert closing statement here>.


Pete Guither got up and talked about crazy Easter happenings. One event was the live beating of a stuffed Easter bunny in a church…while kids were present. Another happening centered around the arrest of a nine year old that stole a rabbit from the neighbors next door because he thought it was the Easter bunny. The kid was handcuffed and taken off in a squad car. Those neighbors are dicks.


Tommy P. with a preview was next. Tom’s having a voice recital near the end of the year I believe that it will be may 2nd? And Theatre of TED is sponsoring it. Anyways Tom performed “Jack’s Lament” from The Nightmare Before Christmas as a preview of things to come at his recital…more later.


Kusar was next with an original song entitled: “ I guess I lied but no, really, this is the truth.” It was about things said but not really meant. It was a nice song truly sung in Kusarian style, and was about a cool thing also.


Bridgett Richard was next performing a poem entitled Phenomenal Woman. This was a body acceptance piece where as each stanza of the poem was finished; a piece of clothing came off of Bridget’s body. Artistically done and well performed. Guts.


Brian was next with Spirographology. I didn’t write too much down about this one cause I was so intent on watching the piece. Funny as hell. Brian had discovered that the deluxe spirograph sold at Wal-Mart for $7.98 could tell you the future if you asked it questions, and Brian took questions from the audience and using the Spirograph he would be able to tell you the future.


Enthusiastic Applause






Performance Pieces:

Y+R with Man Listen

A Reminder to Vote this Fall

World’s Worst

Pete w/ Something

Tommy P. with a preview


Phenomenal Woman






Performance Piece(s) of the week:




Dare to Suck award:


Phenomenal Woman




Artistic use of nakedness on Jesus’ Re-birthday? Only at TED!



Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:


Beat Poetry


So there were like 3 poems read / performed during the night… and that makes up 3/8ths of TED that night.


*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.