Theatre of


Saturday February 7th 2004



List of Performers


Leslie Shepard

Damion Page

Ryan Cunningham

Zach Messer-Smith

Angilique Arnold

Josh Lansing

Sarah Torbeck

Jessie _____

Sexy Poem Guy


Yale Schrero

C.J. Tuor

Deanna Gritsonis

Dane Lewdowski

Steve Nelson

Bob Boehle

Amanda Polley

Mark Mesuniski

Pete Guither

Enrico Natale

Caitlin Barlow

Mike Schmueck

Erica Schmueck


Italics reserved for first time performers

Bold denotes returning alums


Approximate Running Time:

2 hours exactly…no more, no less


Number of Performance pieces:

Around 17 or so



A whopping 128 was the high this week…breaking the previous record


Russell’s Rant

Welcome to UnKle Silly’S silly Time Fun Hour!

This Kid’s show was only for adults this week.

But we had a silly silly old time anyways.

So I’ve learned something today…we are really interested in politics right about now.


Host Notes:

Matt announced that this week it was UnKle Silly’S silly time fun Hour! And the secret word for the day was (shhhhh…quiet!……..VAGINA) so when anyone says the secret word…vagina….you gotta scream and applaud real loud! The first activity of the day was to conduct several members of the audience in a animal sounding sing-along that everyone LOVED.


First up was the S.C.P. or Students Choice Party. The Student’s Choice Party was running for election in the run for student body president of ISU or such. They did so very creatively by enacting a skit centered around current problems around ISU today. Very nice to have some sort of representatives of ISU student government take an actual interest in what is happening around the ISU theatre and arts area…(update, unfortunately the Student’s choice Party did not win…I hope everyone voted.)


Pete Guither came up to do a rebuttal to the S.C.P.’s skit saying and I quote “even if they are blowing smoke up our asses, its nice to even have that, cause that’s more than what we’ve gotten in 15 years here in the theatre department.”


Erica and Jessie came up with a song diggidy…they announced that they had taken three guitar lessons and were going to demonstrate their mad skills on their guitars. They proceeded to play “Wild Thing” extremely poorly….hilarious.


Mike talked about running for the President of the United States cause not enough people run for President. He went over several college education issues that each person stood upon from their platform in running for president. Mike also emotionally talked about a generation of people in a war that takes responsibility for the horrors upon their country, instead of not taking up responsibility.


Now it is time for the first Theatre of TED elimidate!

Tonight’s eligible bachelorette was Leslie Sheppard who when asked to describe herself in three words replied: Combat Ready, YO!

The two bachelors were Dandrell who described himself as: smoove, debonair and cheap

And C.J. who described himself as Studly, Godlike and humble.

Some memorable quotes:

“I just want some Pussy”-Dandrell

“Football players like it rough, Track and Field members like it fast, but speech team members like it orally.”-C.J.

C.J. also memorably talked about his time in the ‘hood’.

Hilarious…who will Leslie pick??? Just have to find out next week.


A Sexxy Poem was next…read by a guy who cried at a high school basketball game loss.

It was very graphically gestured and read.


Dandrell was up next with some Stand-Up. He talked about running for president in 2030 and was late for his first press conference because there was a party at the BLACK house….wait for it…okay you get it now right? (I loved this joke).

People were still fighting the war in IRAQ.

Dandrell also invented a new holiday: Slap-a-white-bitch-but-don’t-get-caught-day in remembrance of O.J. Simpson. And also Mt. Rushmore has added new faces, 50 cent and Ju Ju.


Deena was next with her poetry which was very vivid and well spoken like


And then Pete talked about some political stuff.


(Sorry but that’s all I got in my notes folks)


Put a Name in a Case was next and then they played a song on guitar like usual as well as another song that folks in the audience seemed to know…I didn’t know the tune though so I cant say what it was. They also decided to bring back a favorite song from last week… GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BROWN!!!

Steve and Bob got up to help them also.


Dandrell was up again next with a Black Moment. Dandrell discussed his disgust of how black history month is treated every year that not enough people are informed about certain inventors or famous black scholars, like Henry Simpson, who was the inventor of the Cell Phone. It is a shame that we are not educated more about these people who contribute so much to society.


C.J. throws his hat into the ring was next, and C.J. announced that He too is running for president and that Leslie was running as his V.P. because she is a Black woman. C.J. stood on a platform that had thought that gay marriage would only be allowed in San Francisco.


Leslie and Dane were next with a Freestyle. Dane provided beat box while Leslie exercised her amazing pipes. All to the tune of a song pertaining to TED life.


Steve and Bob were back with another song, this time it was dedicated to sweet Mary Jane…another solid song (although not as catchy as green, red, yellow, brown). This song did include an EXCELLENT freestyle breakdown at the end of the song.


Breakfast of Cheesecake and Beer was next starring Rico and Caitlin. This short skit was written by Sarah Torbeck and then performed at liberty by Rico and Caitlin. Seeing as Rico and Caitlin’s only direction for the scene was “have fun with it”, that is exactly what they did. They proceeded to become feral for a while, then back to normal then to “widdle tikes” then old people.

UnKle Silly was back with a Silly contest to see if he won a free song download at iTunes on the Pepsi bottle…..and………he did not. Sad. The audience cried.


Sarah Torbeck was next with a song who was also assisted by Nikki Manaitais and the song seemed improved and done well…both girls sing very well.

“Don’t you want your girl Hot?” was one of the lyrics.


Best Gift Ever was demonstrated by Brandy Hansen. Her husband, Robert, had gotten her a Theatre of TED dare to suck thong on our store (which can be found easily on our website).


Mike was up last with some announcements, 1. Mock Prom was fully approved and is scheduled for FRIDAY, APRIL 30th!!! The theme is HEROS vs. VILLIANS.

2. The four square marathon is scheduled from Wednesday April 28th at 10 a.m. till Friday April 30th at 2p.m. And Mike then proceeded to do his Helen Keller monologue from the Miracle Worker.


Enthusiastic Applause



Performance Pieces:

Intro / Unkle SiLLY’s funtime hOUR

You Down w/ S.C.P.

Jessie and Erica with a song diggidy

Mike w/ the independent party

Theatre of TED elimidate

Sexxy Poem

Dandrell w/ standup

Deena was too lazy to get here on time, so enjoy

Put a name into a Case

Dandrell w/ a black moment

C.J. Throws his hat into the ring

Leslie and Dane with a freestyle Rap

Steve and Bob w/ Kidney in a cooler

Rico and Caitlin w/ breakfast of cheesecake and beer

Sarah w/ a song

Best Gift Ever

Mike Schmeuck w/ write me down





Performance Piece(s) of the week:

Theatre of TED elimidate


Dare to Suck award:


Jessie and Erica w/ a Song Diggidy

You down with SCP?




During the Sexxy Poem:

Guy-“I’m a virgin.”

Jeff Blum-“Then why do you have a pearl necklace on?”

Guy-“…I’m a TED virgin.”



Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:




I think by the end of the night EVERYONE had announced his or her run for a presidency of some kind.


*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.