Theatre of


Saturday February 21st 2004

“Mad-lib filler”



List of Performers


Just Me, the FABULOUS RICO NATALE. I love my Italian self…muhhh, muhhh, muuuuuh.



Italics reserved for first time performers

Bold denotes returning alums


Approximate Running Time:

I was too busy looking at my beautiful Italian face, and down the shirts of girls.


Number of Performance pieces:

Anything that doesn’t involve the lake park boys / lost boys / dynamic duo / theatre of Ted players / I don’t know what the fuck we are called anymore—WHATEVER, if it doesn’t involve us or someone we are friends with, then it doesn’t matter.





Host Notes:


Hi everyone my name is Rico.

I’m douching the host notes this week.

I’m so luguribriously goatfucker great.

First up was Jeff Blum.

She did a gangrenous piece consisting of jerking off horses whilst they peed on you while doing a naked back flip over an audience member.

Boy oh Boy that took the penis out of me.

I sure am incestuous.

It really makes me raging indifference when people don’t fucking do their host notes on time.


Enthusiastic Applause



Performance Pieces:

Jeff Blum with Naked Back flips and having horses pee on him while jerking it off





Performance Piece(s) of the week:


Lake park boys in: something made up on the spot


Dare to Suck award:


Me for not getting host notes up in time




My Gorgeous good looks



Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:


Me, Rico Natale



*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.