Theatre of


Saturday February 14th 2004

“Mad-lib filler”



List of Performers


Hi there. I’m Dan Huffines, and if you aren’t under the age of 14 and of the female sex, then I’m not interested.

I love to videotape myself masturbating.



Italics reserved for first time performers

Bold denotes returning alums


Approximate Running Time:



Number of Performance pieces:

Maybe I’ll just make up a number here cause the real reason I was even there was to get some big ass play at my makeshift kissing booth…the tounges that swapped saliva with me were out of sight baby.



I love boobies


Host Notes:


Hi everyone my name is Dan.

I’m farting the host notes this week.

I’m so not great.

First up was Caitlin Barlow.

He did a apatheic piece consisting of juggling menstruating cats

Boy oh Boy that took the hard vaginal disease out of me.

I sure am gramatical.

It really makes me glow with pride when people don’t fucking do their host notes on time.


Enthusiastic Applause



Performance Pieces:

My phone # is 309-454-1432 ladies, but don’t get offended if one of my roommates is not here, I am most likely in my room, with a girl under the age of 14 smoking pot and just don’t want to be bothered…so just come…on over…and join.





Performance Piece(s) of the year:


Dan Huffines gaining about 20 pounds since the beginning of this year!


Dare to Suck award:


Me for not getting host notes up in time







Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:


<bong noise>



*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.