Theatre of


Saturday January 31st 2004

“happy 2nd birthday new TED!”


List of Performers


Sarah Torbeck

Dan Huffines

Scott Danielson

Nick Mikula

Mark Mesuniski

Brian Wohl

Pete Guither

C.J. Tuor

Mike Martello

Al Daniel

Enrico Natale

Mike Schmueck

Caitlin Barlow

Ricky Rodreguiez

T.J. Velazquez


Wow, zero new performers! I think that’s a first.


Approximate Running Time:

1 hour and 20 minutes of birthday ecastasy.


Number of Performance pieces:






Russell’s Rant:

Happy Birthday TEDites! I know it is a bit early, but February 2nd is the 2yr anniversary of TED starting back up again. To some it may seem longer, to others It might seem shorter than that, but regardless it IS a reason to celebrate. I love birthdays and TED’s was no exception…



Host Notes:


Matt Russell gave a rousing welcome back to all TED heads out there and said there were three reasons why tonight’s TED was a special one…

1)    First TED of 2004

2)    TED’s Birthday

3)    An event that we had been counting down every Sunday for was gonna happen on Sunday, you know what I’m talking about…THE WOMEN’S PROJECT!…and also the superbowl.


And to celebrate, the TED committee bought a GIANT cake (see pictures). We all sang happy birthday to TED and proceded for the next 20 minutes to hand out cake to those who wanted it.


First up Sarah Torbeck with a song from Once Upon a Mattress, sung nicely. I believe she was in her high schools production of this show. Sarah also embellished this song nicely by directly involving the audience.


Scotty D and Dan Huffines were next with “Spreadin’ the Big Love”. They talked about how controversial the MFA show “Big Love” was due to the fact that at least half the cast must get naked…fully naked.

And no you can’t get tickets in advance.

So one night Dan and Scott were passing back and forth the “thinking cap” and came up with an idea of how waiting in line would be like for this show.

They described the waiting line being like a tailgating party where people would hold up signs a’la wrestling that said such phrases as:

            THIS should be the F.O.I. show


            BEST . SHOW. EVER.


Brian, Nick and Mark were next with their two part skit Hero (pt. 1) and Karma (pt. 2)

Hero consisted of an old man getting beaten up by a young guy. When mark sees what is happening he rips off his shirt to reveal that he is superman…and starts helping to beat up the old guy.


“I’ll be right back with your food Mr. Reeve.” And superman is crippled…and around the corner appears the very same old man and Reeve can’t move. HILARIOUS.


Pete Guither was next with his take on recent political issues. First on the chopping block of the DEA’s list was a housewife who had been charged with marijuana possession 11 years ago, now had children and because of that charge of 11 years ago the DEA is trying to DEPORT her back to her homeland of NORWAY. DEA is so freaking out of hand right now~ GET BUSH OUTTA OFFICE.

The DEA is also busy taking away all bongs and water pipes away from people in Nebraska. Obviously the DEA is not up for a real challenge… I would like to see the DEA trying to take stuff away from N.Y.C. That might be a challenge for them…I personally think the DEA are cowards coming after those who are not threating at all.

A last message was REGISTER TO VOTE, if you haven’t PLEASE DO.


Mike and Caitlin had a small response to Guither’s piece. They had watched the state of the union address and saw how adament that G.W. was out against Gay Marriage. So Caitlin and Mike decided to be against Fat Marriage as well. No TWO fat people should get married and have fat babies either.


C.J. Tuor was back with his A-Game comedy as usual, his time things centered around telling people what to do and telling lies of a kind. He said that Comedy is the only profession where people say “my friends say I could be a comedian” it would be absurd to say “my friends think I should be an Astronaut” He also begged the question “Heat activated Shampoo….what was it activated by before?”


Mike and Al were back again with some live music and singing and such…once again I did not get the name of the piece sung…but it was a nice little diddy and sung well none the less.


Erica Schmeuck was next with a reply to C.J.’s stand up, and that was he always talks of how people don’t want to date him or anything, yet one of Erica’s friends tried to talk to him and he accidentally ignored her. D’oh!


Mark was up again with a piece of Slam Poetry that he wanted to practice before auditioning for the Slam Poetry team for Normal, IL. This piece of slam poetry was the best I have seen at TED I.M.O.D.O. The metaphors and visual images were astounding. Such things as “She has a clock face where seconds take their toll on her” and “the wind whispers neon nothings in our ears” wild, and very very well performed.


Obtuse was next with Ricky, Rico, Mike and Caitlin. This skit centered around writing a sketch for TED that night where the actors would suggest exactly what they were doing to be done as a skit. Fantastic…and somehow they turned into monsters. Friggin’ hilarious, and a write up can not do it justice.


T.J. Was next attempting to do Jeckyll and Hyde again where at theatre of dead he had admitted that he was far too drunk to perform his piece well enough…but this time he did it excellently, and he also did it acapella.


Okey Dokey was next where a meeting was being held by the lake park boys/lostboys/dynamicduo/whatever they are calling themselves nowadays. Pearl Jam refused to do his reports for the business but after much coaxing, reluctantly accepted.


And now for Chris Smiths smiting of the week. Chris decided to bitch about G.W. for a bit as well. Who hasn’t tonight? Good facts said. And Chris resented, but then accepted that Fat persons should not get married.


Enthusiastic Applause



Performance Pieces:


Intro / Happy Birthday TED~!

Sarah Torbek w/ a song

Dan and Scotty D Spreadin’ the Big Love

Nick, Mark and Brian w/ Hero (pt. 1) and Karma (pt. 2)

Pete Guither w/ shrugs shoulders

Mike and Caitlin w/ a follow up

C.J. w/ some stand up

Erica in response to C.J.’s Stand up


Mike and AL w/ a song

Okey Dokey

T.J. Attempting Jeckyl and Hyde…again.

Chris’ Smiting of the WEEK





Performance Piece(s) of the week:


Hero (pt. 1) and Karma (pt. 2)


C.J. w/ some stand up


Dare to Suck award:


Mark w/ a poem (you don’t really need the practice buddy, it was awesome)




Scotty D saying “I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to get naked like that, and how hard I’ll be when watching them get naked like that.”




Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:






*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.