Theatre of


Saturday October 18th 2003


List of Performers


Nick Mikula

Tyson ____

Susan ____

Brian Wohl

Adrienne Canzolino

Caitlin Sheib

Mike Martillo

Sarah Jorgenson

Courtney Rioux


Mike Schmeuck

Chris Smith


Pete Guither

Matt Vessic

Tim Ahlberg

*Italics denote a new performer at TED


Approximate Running Time:

1 hour 30-40 minutes or so..

Number of Performance pieces:






Russell’s Rant:

So I came to TED tonight virtually unprepared, not really having planned anything special. I had a monologue/rant that I was going to do about how much homecoming around ISU sucks…but instead I get interrupted by --Pete Guithers Grandfather. Now this is not the first time that I was interrupted by this Kwazy Kharacter. (See host notes October 19 last year!) WHAT a show….I gotta say…if you missed this show tonight, you missed something special…







Host Notes:

So I get interrupted by Pete Guithers Grandfather…again…and again on the anniversary of the original theatre of TED. That’s okay, what Tim and Matt did was way better than what I had planned anyways.

Guither’s Grandfather was actually unmasked tonight to reveal that it was actually Tim Alhberg playing Guither’s Grandfather and not really Guithers grandfather. This was a big one, because as I understand in TED folklore, Guither’s grandfather has never been truly unmasked and that this character is similar in spirit to Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton. Tim and Vessic talked back and forth on what a shitty time they have been having out in the “real world” and mentioned things pertaining to their lives and how bad it has been for them recently…somehow it got to the point of Alhberg’s favorite scene in Flash Gordon was when the hawk guy said “Gordon’s Alive???”


Nick Mikula or as I like to call him, Nick Jr. (after nickelodeon jr.) presented the monologue. Good job on this one nick, cause I can’t remember squat about it…sorry it took an extra week to finish these host notes, but I’ve been really busy lately. I guess nick did some sort of monologue. I was also busy signing up vessic and alhberg.


Tyson and Susan were up next singing a song entitled “Back in the day” which involved Susan unintentionally chasing a bouncy ball around the room and Caitlin Sheib getting involved with the chase, as well as Adrienne getting konked on the head by an open cabinet door…yikes that must have hurt. I must say it was extremely entertaining watching the three girls chase after this bouncy ball for like 15 minutes all while Tyson is singing this upbeat song.


It’s time once again for Mark and Tom’s improv group. Mark and Tom from Wesleyan university came to visit us and show their crazy improv antics. First up was a scene where Mark (or is it Tom?) was Richard Nixon scrubbing a dog in a Target’s restaurant bathroom. The piece hit well, but not where expected cause it seems that the Target Security guard and Richard Nixon just kept yelling at each other because of their stupid choices that they made in life.


The Next Improv scene that Mark and Tom did took place in a McDonalds. Where Tom (or is it Mark?) was limited to only saying 4 words at a time whilst umm…the other guy was only limited to one word. And GO! “How is your hamburger?” “Nigger.”

You get the idea. There was only one word that was said by mark, or tom---Whatever it was Vessic anyways.


The final improv scene of the night took place again at an eating forum. With a Volunteer from the audience, first time performer at TED Amelia. Amelia was out on a Date with Alhberg, and Vessic was the waiter. But you know what they still couldn’t handle a dumb improv scene since they were still mad at each other for some reason or another and poor Amelia was in the middle of it but she was a great sport…I hope not too much spit got on her.


And now it’s time for a random reflection by Brian Wohl…or rather Nick Mikula reading a random reflection by Brian Wohl, who stormed in his boxer shorts at the last minute demanding why in the hell Nick was reading his skit.


Adrienne, Caitlin and Mike came on to the stage in full force with a tribute to 80’s pop culture. A fun song that looked like the trio of singers had planned on doing for a while. Kudos to Sheib for finally performing at TED even though she has been to many of them she had never performed until this night.


Next on the list was Vessic’s Grandfather’s Funeral or should I say Alhberg’s Soap Box?

Alhberg got up there with a big ol’ list of things he wanted to talk about in terms of government and war on terrorism and drug war and all sorts of evils in society today. It was educational and entertaining…so edutaining. All sorts of topics were ripped a new one by this surly Ex-host of TED. From H2’s to GW’s it was all here. Good points were made and I applaud whole-heartedly his argument that when we leave college we are forced to not speak our mind anymore.


Sarah Jorgenson came up next with a shameless plug for playwriting 348’s presentations of scenes…hope you folks liked ‘em cause I was real late for getting these host notes out on time!


Matt Vessic decided to honor the life of his Grandfather by singing black bird singin’ in the dead of night, one of his Gran-dad’s favorite songs. Unfortunately Tim Alhberg couldn’t keep a straight face or calm down and started giggling and then finally said “im sorry but GORDON’S ALIVE???”


Preparation for Tuesday’s Acting class was next up, and Courtney Rioux decided to perform a monologue for the audience at TED, I don’t remember what it was but she should be fine in acting class…for Tuesday…of last week.


Niki performed some thoughts on Window’s 98 and bitched about Bill Gates in what would most likely be our 3’rd rant of the evening. Some funny stuff was said, way to get up on the stage Niki!


Mike Schmeuck decided to come up on stage and share that he was in mourning…for the deep and tragic loss…of…his hair. Yes it’s true; Mike had to get his hairs cut for his role in the 1950’s era play A View from the Bridge. Mike then decided to say a silent prayer…and keep saying it….so much so that Matt Russell made the last performance begin.


Chris Smith graced the TED stage again with a rant, about freedom this time. Chris had decided to speak his mind about the controversy surrounding the poster that was put on display at the Alamo II. And how wrong it was for it to be taken down. The owner of the Alamo II had not taken the poster down and was not going to take the poster down. Chris was glad because of this. Granted that the poster did demean women, but it was not “on display” as much as “for sale.” If you don’t like what you see, just turn the page on the poster rack.


For our final event of the evening, Pete Guither slid on stage as the announcer for the Ted Wrestling Federation which pitted Macho Man Vessic against the Timster the two colossal “juggernauts” of Saturday late-night theatre wrestling fought a tremendous battle whilst Pete made fun of the shape that the fighters were in and the way they had gone to shit. Tim and Matt decided that Pete was right and admitted that they were just a couple of guys who liked to have fun, and that they hoped that someone would be able to “give them a smoke” at a “nearby theatre party”. Luckily for them, TED after-hours has been going strong for a couple of weeks now…

Russell asked them to join him in saying:

“Theatre of TED enthusiastic applause.”



Performance Pieces


Intro/Homecoming sucks

Interruption by Pete’s Granddad

The Monologue

Tyson and Susan with Back in the Day

Mark and Tom’s improv group

Random Reflection

Adrienne, Caitlin and Mike with A Tribute to 80’s pop culture

Vessics Grandfathers Funeral/Alhberg’s Soap Box

Sarah Jorgenson with a shameless plug

Vessics Song

Preparation for Tuesdays acting class

Thoughts on Windows 98

Mike in mourning

Chris w/ a rant on freedom

TWF Interns





Performance Piece(s) of the week:


Vessic’s Grandfather’s Funeral / Alhbergh’s Soap Box


Dare to Suck award:


A Tribute to 80’s Pop Culture

Thoughts on Windows 98



“GORDON’S ALIVE???” During the blackbird song.

“This is not pretty” said by Pete Guither during TWF wrestling match


The special Guest Apperance of Tim and Matt and Pete’s Grandfather being here.




Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:



Here a rant, there a rant, everywhere a rant, rant…


*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.


P.S. sorry for the lateness of this folks, but a combination of Midterms and Tech week is deadly for ones academic studies. Host Notes just weren’t a priority in this case.