Theatre of


Saturday October 11th 2003


List of Performers


Lisa Adams

Chris Smith

Mark Buenning

Mark Mustynski

Nick Mikula

Julia Kotecki

Tom Pleviak

Theresa Miller

Mike Martello

Al Daniel


Sarah Torbeck




*italics denote a new performer at TED


Approximate Running Time:

1 hour, 2min.


Number of Performance pieces:






Silent Bob’s Rant:

<complete silence and a weird gesture>


Silent Bob’s Host Notes:


<complete silence>…

























































Just kidding. Hi. Silent Bob Here. I hosted this week. Let’s get started.



First up was Lisa Adams doing one hot piece about a girl masturbating for the first time. I don’t think there was a dry lap in the house.


Chris Smith got up and did a rant about how much love sucks, and believe me I know this. Just ask me about Amy and I’ll fill you in.



A great Parody was presented on the re-occuring skit a commentary on TLC daytime programming. Nick Mickula and Mark Buenning got up and parodied Caitlin and Donnelles usual filler material. Very funny and a great inside joke for all who attend TED on a regular basis.


Another first timer, Theresa Miller read a heartfelt poem about her and her boyfriend. Reminds me of Amy…


Mike Al and Lisa decided to perform a piece called Care-ah-file-ian algi. Weird cause they performed “Sally’s Song” from the nightmare before Christmas.


Al also gave us a reading called Sheep are fluffy, detailing how when counting sheep things could go very wrong.


MRR was next (complete with theme music that took entirely too long to set up) with his performance called Tent Pitchin’. It was about the annoying pop up windows that come up when you are trying to wack off to porn on the internet. Did I just write come up? Sorry for the pun.


Pleviak was up once again, and performed a song from 1776 that delt with racisim.



Sarah Torbeck performed a song from my most hated of all musicals, the King and I. I was apprehensive to listen but did. Sarah did a great Job.

Tom Pleviak then came up with a Poem of Confusion written by Sarah Torbeck and read it for the audience. Very thoughtfull prose.


Lastly our president of the United States of America George W. Bush came to give a Prayer for us. It was not RJIII it was G.W. very confusing and awkward.


“Theatre of TED enthusiastic applause”


Performance Pieces


Fun w/ Masturbation

Tom and Julia w/ MTV’s The Maxx

A Quick Rant About Love

A Commentary on TLC Daytime Programing

Theresa Miller w/ a poem

Mike, Al and Lisa with Care-ah-file-ian algi

MRR w/ Tent Pitchin’

AL w/ sheep are fluffy

Tom Pleviak w/ a song

Sarah Torbeck with a song

Tom Pleviak w/ a poem of confusion

A prayer w/ George W. Bush





Performance Piece(s) of the week:


MRR Tent Pitchin’



Dare to Suck award:


Tom Pleviak with his 1776 song


Best Parody of A TED skit thus far in the school year:


Mark and Nick with A commentary on TLC daytime programming




When I reacted to Sarah’s choice for singing and someone in the audience yelled “SHUT UP BOB!!!”




Super Secret Hidden Theme of the WEEK:



Take your pick kids.


*hidden themes are the unintentional repetition of something throughout the TED of that week.