Theatre of TED

April 26, 2003



List of performers


Jeff Blum---Catilyn Barlow---Rico Natale

Ricky Rodriguez--Mike Schmeuk---Brian Clouthier

Nikki Miniatis---Jenn Mickleson---Matt Morales

Scott Rosen---Matt Russell---Chris Weise

Dan Radcliff---Steven Yapp---Betsy Beams

Pete Guither---Nick Izzo---Jared Winkler

Adam Rosowics---Dan Behrendt(sp?)---Reverend Huffines


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


21 performers at this week's installment of Ted


Total Attendance


This week we had 72 in attendance at Ted



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Notes from TED


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"


Getting things started off tonight in my final night as host of TED, was Jeff & Caitlyn with announcement of sorts. I guess in a tribute of sorts to me, and a reason to have some fun, Jeff and Caitlyn announced that they would be leaving TED in order to get liquored up before their weekly edition of It's The News. They would be leaving for a short while to take down some shorts and then do their piece drunk, much like I have opened TED.


Next up, the Lost Boys provided some entertainment wit Business Luncheon. Nice quick piece...not a one liner, but a focus on women going into acting.


Matt Russell & Adam Rosowics presented the first half (Fall Semester) of their Musical Year in Review. For those who want the next part, you'll need to attend (Hopefully you did), Mock Prom 2003. Great stuff, as usual in recapping the obscure.


A New Religion hailed in the upcoming 4-Square Marathon. I believe the goal this year is 52 hours. I may be off on that, but it's damn impressive whatever it is. This was not however the main purpose of the piece. That was instead to share information found on-line for legitimate "Family 4-Square Church."


Betsy Beams came up to plug the 4-Square Marathon, and to announce her "official" retirement from the coffee bar down stairs--Mark your calendars folks!! May 2nd!! That will be the "official" end to the CB for one Betsy.


The bastard mime returned to Ted with a strip down and "interpretive Dance(?) to Faith by George Michaels. The mime didn't go it alone though, as Dan "The Plant" Behrendt. For those ladies who are interested, the DVD's are in!!!!!!


Scott Rosen presented Last Night in Paris. This piece was written by Derek Brown and once perfomed as an Oral Interp. Piece. Scott presented this adding a little bit of honest variety to Ted.


Steven Yapp re-presented Sweet Jesus, which is a cereal commercial for a Jesus brand breakfast cereal. In addition to this, there was also a short film dealing with Jehovah's witnesses. For more detail, you may want to check out the previous TED's host notes (for April 19), because on that night, Steven was about the only thing to talk about.


Jeff & Caitlyn returned with It's the News, only this time seeing things in "Dan-Vision,"...Okay, so they were just a bit drunk, well at least Jeff was. Caitlyn noticed that alcohol created some timeing issues...such as knowing when it was time to address the audince and when it was just time to laugh at ones self. I mean that in fun, because it was funny as hell. The news has reached a point where it's just as much about he "news" characters, as much as it is about the actual news items. Jeff & Caitlyn had even made me a home made card for my last night of TED. Thanks again guys, this one of the things that made my night.


Okay, just because I want to be able remember it later, one item from the news: Students Protesting Ignorant Comments...S.P.I.C.


More form The Lost Boys, this time with Singing Auditions. This was down, if I recall right by having the Lost Boys as a Hispanic group trying to audition different pop songs through you say..."More Peppy and festive" sound.


Pete Guither presented A Year in Review, and he did this one in rain tempo, curbing about 45 minutes to an hours worth of information into about 15 minutes. Many political thoughts expressed, jabs at the war on drugs and the D.E.A. (Dangerous Evil Assholes), but his best liner came when reviewing some of the stupid things that President Bush has said in the past year: The French don't have a word for entrepreneur." Brilliant!!


Dan Radcliff returned this week with some off the cuff sty ling's, which included another beat box breakdown and more from the "what if..." category, even making references to Master Pipe Theatre. However the majority of Dan's piece included a very entertaining Duck Story.


Steven Yapp brought back Abort the Weight--hmmmm, for more information see Host Notes from the previous week (April 19, 2003)


Mike Schmeuk performed a reading of an original piece written by Anthony Demarco. Mike gave a bit of an introduction for those who do not know Anthony and weren't familiar with any of his work.


And now Betsy Beams...1 minute...5 minutes...7 minutes...12 minutes...15 minutes...19 minutes and thirty-five seconds---21 minutes...22 minutes...27 minutes...31...31 Minutes!!! That's how long my "Ted Erection" was sung a lullabye...All right, I'm just kidding...There was some entertaining stuff and it was something that most of us could relate to and she had a lot of material to go from...My favorite part was probably when she re-worked her part from Crucible...very amusing. However: I mean come one!! 31 Minutes?!!! Moving on...


Nick Izzo was here to save the night and revive the crowd with a reading of a one sided phone call that he wrote that revealed stuff. Oh boy, we're cookin' now!! Readers Digest version: His brother is drunk and with a girl...Da Da Dum!!!


Scott Rosen had a very nice Short Reflection, (thanks Scott). Scott had some words of wise for people who will be part of TED's future; to keep it going and use it in ways that haven't even been thought of yet.


The Lost Boys presented The Elevator, in which 4 guys are stuck in an elevator and they are stuck for soooooo long that they end up drawing straws to see who has to succumb and become the bitch for the others...Ya know, sacrificing yourself for the rest of the tribe...Anyways, Jared then realizes as he is "preparing" himself, that his friends are full of it, because the Elevator was never broken, just made to seem like it was by pulling the emergency break. Nice!!


Chris Weise came up for a few words about TED and thanking everyone for bringing it back to where it is. Hopefully it's only up hill from here with even greater things to come.


Reverend Huffines...hhmmm. I really hadn't planned on performing at all on my final night. I had brought my Good Reverend gear just in case we ended up with a slim show and we needed to break out some fun stuff, but as Ted started to fill in and more and more people were signing up for the show, I felt really good about just being able to sit back and enjoy watching and kinda reflecting...Betsy's piece gave plenty of opportunity to do that.



It seems like a long time ago that I approached Patrick O'Gara in my Acting I class in fall of 2001, it was about 6 weeks into class, and I asked him about Theatre of Ted. I asked him if it still went on, and he told me that it was indeed gone, and had been for about a year. He said that someone, maybe even I should work on starting it back up again. I was already a step ahead of him. I got working on some preliminary ideas and even talked with Pete Guither. Pete then got me into contact with Scott Rosen. Scott and I had been at Ted at a time when it was a very popular forum, bringing in 175-220 people a night (The largest I remember is between those 2 numbers anyways). It was about this time that I was starting tech rehearsal for The Man Who Came to Dinner...What??!! You don't remember me??!! I don't know how...ooooohhhhh, that's right...that's right...I was Radio Man #2. In any event, it was a fun dressing room atmosphere. It was also there that I overheard Keith Nadal asking Pete Zeilinski about Theatre of Ted and wanting to know what it was. Pete was talking it up, and I couldn't suppress a grin. Just by listing to how engaged both of them were by talking about it confirmed for me that I was on the right track in bringing it back. If I recall correctly, Keith was so intrigued that for a time he spoke of restarting the forum...I can't be sure of how serious those talks got, but the passion was the same. I made mention to Pete Zeilinski that I was working o getting it restarted, and he told me that he'd like to be a part of getting it off the ground. Soon thereafter, we heard that Freestage had "Democratically" decided to do away with its support of Mock Prom. Well, to be honest, it wasn't even an event that really fit under their mission statement, but for Christ sakes, c'mon. Benny Young and Cori Kabat had joined the Freestage Committee with the main purpose of being able to work on Mock Prom...when that fell through they talked to Guither, and soon after that Mock Prom was adopted as the first area of "Special Events" for the reorganized Ted, and so were Benny and Cori. The first Ted was really "old school" for me. The people who were involve were people who had been there when it was around before. I even think we recruited people to perform at the first Ted. Pete Zeilinski got at least a handful to bring stuff, and I think that was very important, because it gave people some level, some bar that was set; And it was great for introducing people to the forum and how it all worked. I think it was week number 2 before any of the Lake Park Boys joined, with Rick Rodriguez jumping in as a volunteer for Brett & Pete's Sex Tips for Freshman. Matt Russell will be doing it for the next year, and I'm sure it will be great. Matt has a great passion and is doing great things towards getting the right people involved...who are the "right" people?...Why, it's the ones that want to get involved and actually do things to help out. From there, I think Ted will turn a corner towards the future with many of the sophomores and juniors that we have to see it continue.


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"



***The running time for Theatre of Ted was 2 hours and 45 minutes***



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


(There were a total of 21 performance pieces at Ted)


Jeff & Caitlyn w/An Announcement

The Lost Boys--Business Luncheon

Musical Year in Review

A New Religion

Public Service Announcement

The Maybe not-so triumphant Return of the Bastard Mime

Last Night in Paris

Sweet Jesus

It's The News

The Lost Boys--Singing Auditions

A Year in Review--W/ Pete Guither

Dan the Man

Abort the Weight

Tribute to Chicago

Mike Schmeuk w/ Something

Betsy 6 Years @ ISU

Nick Izzo--Late Night Phone Call

Scott w/a Short Reflection (**note** For the "Short" reference, see Betsy--"6 years")

The Lost Boys--The Elevator

Chris Weise

Reverend Huffines Improv: Off The Cuff




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Musical Year in Review

The Lost Boys--The Elevator

It's The News



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Caitlyn Barlow

Jared Winkler



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Steven's home health care techniques involving Coat Hangers and a handle of Vodka