Theatre of TED

March 29, 2003



List of performers


Dan Huffines---Matt Russell---Pete Guither

Erin Bales---Chris Weise---Nick Izzo

Caitlyn Barlow---Joel Burden


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


There were 8 performers at this weeks installment of Ted


Total Attendance


This week's attendance at Ted was 17



Personal Note


Dark I remember..hehe. Only about half the lights were throughout the night, I guess we were going for ambiance...yeah, that's the ticket!!!




Notes from TED


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"


Ted got started off with an oldie, but a goodie, if I do say so myself, by having a public service announcement, which would hopefully lead to action in curbing both, the pet population and the homeless situation in this country...Make the Homeless Pets!!...For an almost identical recap, please visit the last section of the September 7, 2002 Host Notes for a recap!!


Matt Russell took a stab at doing the news...will his career as a broadcast journalists be fulfilled...not on this night...what's that? Why you ask...Well, because...We're not BEING broadcast!! Geez People. Although it was here that learned that Mother Nature had been arrested earlier in the day for "Spilling a Slurpie on the town of Normal." Brilliant!!


Erin Bales performed for her first time at Ted on this evening, and it has so far taken me longer to write this sentence that it did for her to perform. Nooooo, not that it is bad...just short...really short...Well, you see people, it's kinda like...well, lets just say that her poem had about 10 words and I believe that about 5-7 of them were "Fuck"...I'll leave it up to you to discover your own subtext.


In Two Gents, (No, not the medieval reformation of Bill & Ted)..(hehe...Get it...I said Ted...?...*sigh*...You see, we're at something called Theatre of TED, and...awe, forget it...)...Okay, I'll go back to being boring again: Dan Huffines performed a monologue taken from the Shakespearean comedy entitled The Two Gentleman of Verona. It was good. I like cookies. Jumper cables in a whore house scare anyone reading this?!


Matt Russell was heavily influenced by the recent release of the Eminem movie 8Mile. For anyone who knows Matt Russell, they can obviously see why. Not only does he think that "The Shady One" is one of Hollywood's elite actors, but he also believes that he is Shady's long lost brother. Which is why he wanted to pay homage to the his sibling by trying to recreate on stage the high intensity magic of the "Rap-Offs," from his older brother's movie. It was extremely funny, but we were all afraid to laugh because we didn't want to offend Matt's Afro-Alaskan Heritage. *WORD*


Chris Weise has signed up with "Something," and did not disappoint. He performed a piece that he had done, I believe from High School (forgive me if I'm wrong), for Speech. It was the Gettysburg address. At a time when the impending war in Iraq was all over the news, it was nice to hear (no matter what side of the fence you're on), the words of a great former president and how he expressed the ideals of a nation. Thank you Chris.


Nick and Caitlyn debuted their impov game called "Genre 1.0" Super. They needed 3 types of Genres and a single relationship. From there they would take a single idea and create 3 classic pieces of theatre. The relationship was "Teacher/Student." The issue was Rabbits Run the Country." (I guess of Ireland, b/c it all had an Irish accent). The 3 Genres that were picked were Action Adventure, Musical, and....hehe...Porn. Usually it's not very entertaining to watch someone truly uncomfortable in a situation, because it reminds us of our own frailties, but seeing Nick 1220's reaction to "Porn," was classic. And in knowing Nick, it was probably painful to hear "Porn" when he asked for a "Genre." I'm sure he had something else in mind...(on a side note, I can only guess what the hell that could've been.)


Matt Russell was so "feelin' it" with his "Ja...err...Rap-Off" earlier that he decided to go after the thuggest person in the room. He set his eyes on the challenge of a formidable foe in the always street wise Caitlyn Barlow. God Bless her, she couldn't keep a strait face. It was funny, in a gansta type of way.


Pete Guither talked about the need of more Nuclear weapons to be used on innocent Iraqi civilians, and that the Syrians are just as guilty for "9-11" as everyone else...okay, I'm JOKING...he said ALL Arabs...For those of you who know Guither, you'll find this humorous...For those who don't, please don't write him any letters...write name? uumm...My name is JORDAN RICHMOND...and if you don't like my viewpoints, then you can kiss my A$$.


Nick Izzo rounded things out with a speech that he done with a robber trying to convince a man he wants to live...on the Brooklyn Bridge...BOOK-IT!! Good piece, that was initially inspired to be performed tonight by Chris Weise and his performance in his speech earlier...ahh, that's what I like to see that gives me hope for next week—The crowd feeding off of itself!!



"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"



***The running time for Theatre of Ted was 1 hour 30 minutes***



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


(There were a total of 10 performance pieces at Ted)


Make the Homeless Pets...

Matt w/a News Report

A Painful Poem

Two Gents...

Impromptu Rap

Chris w/ Something

Why the Fuck Not?

Ted Vote!!

Rap-Off w/ Matt & Caitlyn




And the ballots are in.......



Performance Piece(s) of the Week



Inspiration (Featuring Nick, and ONLY Nick 1220)


Performer(s) of the Week


 Matt Russell


WoW MoM moment(s) of the week


Caitlyn Barlow in an 8-Mile-esque "Rap-Off" 




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