Theatre of TED

February 15, 2003



List of performers


Dan Huffines---Matt Russell---Samson Sandro

R.J. III---Matt Drake---Pete Guither

Joel (I'll get your last name one of these days...)


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


7 performers at this weeks installment of Ted


Total Attendance


The attendance on this cold night was 20.



Personal Note


As cold as it was, and as crappy as the snow and ice made it, it surprises me that people still made the trek out to catch this weeks edition of Theatre of Ted. The true Ted Heads made the journey and even stuck around for some snow covered 4-square after the show. I was bit afraid for a moment when I was the only one who had signed up to perform, I had this fear that it was going to turn into "The Dan Huffines Hour of Power," but it didn' the delight of everyone there! I even got a question about the merchandise on the website and I'll answer it for anyone else who had the same question: "You can pay for the stuff on-line with credit card, or debit card (mine works), and there is even an option to pay with check somehow. There are several payment options, and all seem pretty easy to work with from what I've seen."



Notes from TED


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"


The show started off talking about the crappy weather and welcoming all of those who made the cold ass trip to come to Ted for a little late night relief. The energy for the night was provided by Matt Russell, who had come to Ted a bit tipsy and really added some random excitement that it sometimes hard to muster with a small crowd and only an handful of performers.


RJ kicked things off with a funny bit that was in the spirit of Valentines Day. It was piece that was done by Steve Martin on SNL many years ago, but for those of you who have seen them, Steve had a lot of really good mood set monologues in the late 1970's that are still effective on today's audiences. RJ, with rose in hand, did a good job of conveying the meaning of having that special someone (hehe). The bit included the reasons for staying with the special someone, namely because he doesn't want to loose half of his stuff.


Matt, Joel, Samson and yours truly presented The Worlds Worst Improv....Trust me folks, it really was...Well, no, I've done worse. But that aside, we played the game: "Worlds Worst" were the audience would give suggestions of an occupation and we would present our interpretation of the worst in that given profession. The audience came up with Barber, Ventriloquist among others. The most humor of the skit was at the beginning when Matt still (or starting, take your pick) "feeling the effects" wanted to huddle up and come up with occupations, forgetting that it was the audience that was supposed to pick the occupations for us...


Matt Drake presented a song, a cappella, from RENT. He hadn't planned on performing when he came to Ted, but on the spur showed off his voice and did a nice job with the song. About half way through, he really started feeling it and added some movement which brought it more to life. His focus was good.....Oh my God, this is starting to sound like a critical review, which is not what I try to do here. Maybe I'm just still in the mode of class work were you try and give people constructive criticism...But I digress. Nice variety added to the night by Matt.


The numerical Poet performed an untitled piece, that he called "A Work in Progress." You see, sometimes an aspiring poet will be working on a piece that had a bit of inspiration behind it, but hits a road block...writers block if you will. But for now, he wanted to share what he had in hopes that it would trigger the next sacred jottings if you will. And now, the complete text from the Numerical Poet's work in Progress:





Writing out poetry doesn't really do it justice sometimes. You have to feel the emotion as it's presented to gain a full interpretation of the meaning behind each word.


Pete Guither talked about some of the issues that were in the news over the past week. He talked about the impending War against Iraq, and the job that Collin Powell has had to do in trying to sell the potential strike to the UN Security Council. He also discussed the Drug War in America and how an 18 year old boy in North Carolina received 26 years in prison this week for selling $530 worth of Marijuana. He then pointed out the amoun that tax payers will have to spend to incarcerate the young man until he 44, and how that amount will escalate beyond half a million dollars. Insane stuff people!


Careless Tomorrow was presented next by Matt and Dan as two jilted lovers on February 15th that were discussing their Valentines Day blues. Matt had one special girl, or make that 3 special girls that just didn't work out throughout the week, while, Dan (or Mark, depending on at what point Matt was talking to me) had a few possibilities, but one that really fell through and led him to having an affair with Matt's sister, who turned out to be on 13. Dan said that he had gotten with Matt's sister the night before and that she was really good! When Matt asked Dan to explain, he did by saying that he was just kidding..."Your sister wasn't really that good."


Dan then presented a piece called Snow Angel where he talked about an out of the blue incident involving a snowball fight on Valentines Day night with someone that he had never met. It seems that in life, as we get older, we forget how to play, how to be innocent, to let go of our super objectives and just experience a moment for what it is. Dan had such a moment the night before and for the first time in a long time, he just played. He was free and childlike again...and it felt good. He ended with this thought: "My whole life, I've always thought that a snow angel was something you made...After last night, I found out that it's someone you can meet...."



"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"



***The running time for Theatre of Ted was 1 hour on the dot***



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


(There were a total of 7 performance pieces at Ted)


Ode to a Woman by Steve Martin

World's Worst Improv

Matt Drake w/a Song

The Numerical Poet

Pete Guither's Soap Box

Careless Tomorrow

Snow Angel



And the ballots are in.......



Performance Piece(s) of the Week


 Matt Drake's song

(He didn't come to perform, but took a chance and Dared to Suck! And taking the chance is what Ted is all about!---On a side note, he did NOT suck)


Performer(s) of the Week



Matt Russell (When he's tipsy, the volume is turned up!)



WoW MoM moment of the week


4-Square in the snow, and I've got the pictures to prove it!!