Warning: This edition of Host Notes is filled with high levels of cynicism. If you are into that sort of thing, then you may find it more amusing than the actual Ted on November 29. If you're not into this sort of thing, then you may still find it more entertaining than Ted...on that night, at least.


Theatre of TED

November 23, 2002



List of performers


Dan Huffines---Scott Rosen---Pete Guither

Matt Russell---Nikki Maniatis


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


5 (??!!) performers at this weeks installment of Ted


Total Attendance


This week we had 19 in attendance at Ted

(Hope nobody broke plans to be here)


Personal Note


Sad. That's about all I can say about this Ted folks. It seems that the only people who showed came to see a show, thus no performers. I'm not trying to sound harsh towards anyone about this because lets face it, I didn't exactly bring my "A" game with me. Not that I really have one anyway...


Overall though, it was a night of commercials. Little Shop was promoted. The Men's Project for December 7th was promoted. A sampling of a musical was given. I don't know why but I had the feeling all night (not that it was that long), that I was living inside of an infomercial. It's the only time ever that I've felt guilty uttering the phrase: Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause." I, like most of the non-theatre crowd was probably asking the same question: "For what?"


Worst Ted Ever...Not because of low attendance, but there didn't seem to be a point to it. It came across as an obligation and not the real reason that we have a forum like Ted. But I will GUARENTEE that December 7th will rock the house!!! How can I do this you ask? Well, I'm writing these Host Notes after the final Ted has taken place. I couldn't bring myself to put these up until after Ted was back on track!!



Notes from TED


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"


Dan started out Ted with an introduction. Not to Ted, but to the first official organization meeting of The Men's Project. Since ISU already has a "Men's Project" (They are called Departmental Productions), we have changed our names to The 2nd Men's Project. We will be putting together an evening of 2 minute and 45 second plays at the last Ted. For those of you here tonight you will have the opportunity to audition for these plays. The selctions made for December 7th are: Dancing with a Temptress, 100 Cowboys & Coldreadings. Please check these out and ready yourself for the heavy auditions taking place on the casting couch (Had to be there). Before we're done though, always remember our slogan: Members Only.


Hehehe...oh how cute...I get, "Members Only"...oh, that's clever. You ass! You should be shot Huffines!!!........Bastard.


Okay on with the "show."


Scott Rosen, with accompaniment from Pete Guither promoted Little Shop in a fun way and got all 5 of us pumped to see the show. Way to go. But seriously, Scott seemed to be the only one who still had that spirit of performing going through the night. It was only a shame that more people didn't see the promo, but then maybe not. I mean, let's face it, Little Shop was standing room only.


Erik Harris & Dylan Claybold in The Amazing Black Trench Coats was up next as Matt and Scott along with vocal (and emotional) support from Nikki Maniatis gave to us an excerpt from that new Broadway musical that has been sweeping the nation. You can never get enough Columbine humor and that's what we got a state of here. Other than being a bit unrehearsed it definitely had possibilities. Probably the best piece of the night. Right up there with Minimalistic Improv.


Pete Guither gave us some announcements this week dealing with something we should all be heavily concerned with: Issues. We are faced with them everyday. Issues at the store, Issues in government and the Issues that our government (namely the DEA) is carrying out in our names. The types of things they do in order to establish their power as an organization rather than helping the American People. I would go into detail more, but I'm sure that you can all imagine how horrible it is. When Little Johnny is loses his civil liberty and is no longer allowed to smoke a crack rock on recess. It's horrible. Remember folks, it's up to you, it's about you, and it's about Issues.


Minimalistic Improv.

                     Matt---"We need a place and a relationship."

                     Crowd member---"How about a sandwich and a soda in a pocket!"


Yeah, real fucking clever...A sandwich and soda in a pocket. Did the special Olympians visit tonight or something? You want minimalistic?! Well, here you go:


"Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause"



***The running time for Theatre of Ted was 35 minutes***


(I've had showers that lasted longer)



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


(There were a total of 5 performance pieces at Ted)


Wait a minute...5!! You have got to be fucking kidding me. I didn't even have to get naked to count. I feel like good ole Harry Doyle in Major League when he say: "And the Indians with 1 hit...wait a minute, all we got was 1 God dammed hit!...Oh it doesn't matter, no ones listening anyways..."


The Men's Project Organizational Meeting

The Vegetable Must Be Destroyed

Erik Harris & Dylan Claybold in The Amazing Black Trench Coats

Pete w/Announcements

Minimalistic Improv



And the ballots are in.......


Oh boy!! I wonder who won this week. It's a nail biter folks. Seriously though, anyone who would've showed up and got up and was halfway decent would've had a better than average shot this week.


Performance Piece(s) of the Week


Erik Harris & Dylan Claybold in The Amazing Black Trench Coats


Performer of the Week


I dunno, me or Steven Yap


WoW MoM moment of the week


It came at 12:35 a.m. when Ted mercifully came to an end!