Theatre of TED

October 5, 2002



List of performers


Dan Huffines----Scott Rosen----Jimmy Brazleton

Cassidy Browning----Chris Weise----Tom Pleviak

Adam Rosowics----Matt Russell----Pete Guither

Nick Lamb----Leslie Shepard---- Caitlin Barlow



(There are 2 people that I don't have names on, they were in Star Wars in 60 Seconds…I forgot to ask once Ted was over, and also sorry for the botching of the name "371WS", I'll get it right next time!)


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


14 performers at this weeks installment of Ted


Total Attendance


This week we had 48 in attendance at Ted



Personal Note

Sneaky Peterson……'ll get yours when you feel the power of the gospel raining over you. You have no need to feel that I, host of Ted are a threat. Instead, you'll be answering to a higher power.




Notes from TED

“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”


"Deacon" Russell got the festivities started with assistance from Scott Rosen as he gave entrance to the return of the church of Ted. Enter Reverend Huffines, back from some intense "missionary" work. (on a side note, whew it was exhausting…and how!) Dan discussed that all was not well and that we were still legally viewed as a church and that we had to work fast to fulfill legal requirements that would make us seem legitimate…so that none of us would go to jail (Although….oh, never mind…). We would be looking to the women of the congregation for help and hoping that they could help in filling our "Missionary Positions." The next few minutes took several takes on this one trick pony that was conceived only a couple of hours before Ted, but it was good to see people still getting into the concept. And an exit as this weeks hymn, (Closer---NIN) played….


Now up The Sugar Creek Boys & Special Guests, with a song……sort of, it was a joke title in order to allow Cassidy Browning the opportunity to make her Ted (performing) debut. Tonight marked the 1-year anniversary of Cassidy and Jimmy (Brazelton), and Cassidy prepared a roast of her relationship with Jimmy…My Life with Jimmy, would probably be an appropriate title. She had put together scenes where she played herself, and Jimmy was played by…well, of course, Chris Weise (har!). Some of the highlights were a scene with them in bed with each other and "Jimmy" hitting her in his sleep and saying "Oh, I thought you were my brother." Also, we learned that Jimmy's word for the very back seat area in a station wagon is called "The backy-back." Just 1 of a million Jimmyisms…(I coined it here first folks!--but back to the action). We were told about Jimmy walking through the building (on many occasions) and smacking her butt, followed by the ever heartfelt, term of endearment: "Skank!" The phone call was probably my favorite and only went to show were Jimmy's attention lye's. Funny stuff, and it was a roast that I'm sure even Jimmy liked, because I think he was laughing as loud as anyone.


But now, it's the real Sugar Creek Boys & Special Guests, with a song That We All Love. This weeks song, The Beer Song. Or as Matt Russell might say, "The Bear Song," sorry Matt, I think you must have been thinking about that childhood classic…or maybe you just couldn't spell, either way it was funny.


And now, The Eternal Struggle (YES!!! I had been waiting all week for this one. I really had no idea what it was about, but after Jimmy talking to me about it and Matt hyping it all week, I was in anticipation before it even began. In case you saw the Vidette (5 days from tonight), then you saw that the Ted article included a picture of Matt (as Monkey) from this piece.) No (or few) words and the telling of a story is what this piece was about. It was a story about a monkey (Matt Russell) and his keeper (Adam Rosowics) who had a vase (or something breakable) off limits to the monkey and the struggle of the monkey to get his hands on the object of his curiosity. Okay, now that you have a premise, I'm not going to do play by play, because it was just wouldn't do it justice. But I will say that when Matt entered into the room with the Mission Impossible theme to sneak to the vase I was rolling, but not nearly as much as when he danced away to Scat Man, at the end of the piece.


And now, 3S125, no…3S1WS……wait a minute, I can do this if I can just learn to read…It's 371WS with Star Wars in 60 seconds. This was done with the light saber scene being done with curling irons and it being between the last of the Jed….I mean Divas. It was long time ago, in a theatre department far, far away, the last time that I saw Star Wars in 60 seconds.


And now, a rebuttal from Dan: This was much like Pete Guither's rants, only it was minus the preparation, point, direction, and was more of me just bitching and moaning about Sneaky Peterson. I mean the notes were one thing, but ripping down the bulletin board, was a bit much and I didn't appreciate what was done to my car! I mean this is Ted people, let's keep it in the building, last thing I need right now is paying $$$ for stupid pranks like that.


Tom Pleviak shared with us some need to know facts: #1) Ninjas do NOT like pancakes #2) every group of enemies for a single ninja is equivalent to the one ninja. For example, if a ninja is fighting 1 other ninja then they must be pretty good. But if there are 100 bad ninjas then they must be really week and go down with 1 punch. I always enjoy learning more about my favorite subject…Ninjas.


Adam Rosowics shared an untitled prose with us that was about a lonely man who falls in love with a beautiful woman. The season of spring is personified as a woman and it is the love that made the flowers bloom.


Uncle Scott's Mailbag was great improv stuff. Scott Rosen had found a letter down stairs before Ted and found it so bizarre that he wanted to break it down and analyze it. The letter was left by someone how had been stood up for a rehearsal of some kind and had left a note explaining that they had waited, but also told about the events from the night before, that may have led to them not meeting up together. It involved kegs getting stolen, keys getting lost and unclear references to Thom's. In fact, the whole letter was unclear. Thankfully, that was why Scott was there though, to help interpret. On a side note, Scott was kind enough to keep the identities of the people a secret, giving them false names, of Jossepy and SANTO!!!


Pete Guither came up and talked about the DEA, and also discussed what it would be like for a police officer to ask you if he could search your car. If you refused then the officer would say that you have something to hide and that may give him probable cause for searching it anyway. Pete has always envisioned what he would say, if ever in this situation and said that it would be something along the lines of telling the officer that you think his genitals are yellow and black striped. And when he says they are not, then asking him to pull down his pants and prove it. If he refused, then you would have probable cause to believe that he had something to hide. I'm paraphrasing Pete, of course. If you want the unabridged gospel, then you have to come to Ted. As far as Pete's pieces go, this is one of the best ones I've ever seen. He really got into and looked like he was having a ball with it. Maybe it was the lighthearted take on the subject matter.


Nick Lamb came in with Party Plunder. Nick brought in a note of his own that was written by another student in reference to Thom's party the previous night. The party, as it was billed, was "Pimps and Ho's." A student took offense to this and the fact that it trivialized sex as well as men and women. Nick offered a rebuttal, saying that it was not intended as legitimate. There weren't going to be men paying $$$ to have sex with women (or vice versa), it was just about having a good time, using a theme that everyone could get into with attitude, dress up etc.


On a personal note, I'd like to say that I see both points. But there is a time and place for different forms of fun, and what I like about our school of Theatre, is that it a small caring community of people. Not to get corny on you, but I wouldn't prefer to go to a random "Pimps and Ho's" theme party, or a bar that was having "Pimp's and Ho's" night, because, well, frankly, it probably wouldn't be much fun. One of the great things about having a party like that among a large group of people where almost everyone knows everyone is that it is really laid back and care free, and it's not about having sex, or being cheap as a person. It's about a good time, a reason to dress up and being able to "act" like someone else for a night…Same with Halloween…you know you like it.


And now, Famous Last Words…#4) John Denver: (Stumbling) "Don't worry…I'm okay to fly…" #5)…I dunno, I can't remember… #6) Dan Huffines: "4-Square, down stairs, 5 minutes!"


“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”


***The running time for Theatre of Ted was 1 hours and 25 minutes***




List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Church of Ted

Sugar Creek Boy's & Special Guests w/a song

Sugar Creek Boy's (For real) & Special Guests w/a song

The Eternal Struggle

Star Wars in 60 seconds

Rebuttal from Dan

Tom Pleviaks "Need to Know Facts"

Adam Rosowics' Untitled piece

Uncle Scott's Mail Bag

Put me on Later…

Magic for the Stupid

Party Plunder

Famous last words


(There were a total of 13 performance pieces at Ted)



And the ballots are in…….


Performance Piece(s) of the Week


The Eternal Struggle


Performer of the Week


Scott Rosen


WoW MoM moment of the week


During the Eternal Struggle, when Russell (as Monkey) hit the floor (ala Missions Impossible), and Adam stepped right over him. That made my night!! That and the Scat man song at the end.