Theatre of TED

April 13, 2002



List of Performers


                        Dan Radcliff                Scott Rosen                 Dr. Cheese

                        Matt Russell               Mike Schmeck Dan Huffines

                        Nick Lamb                  Enrico Natale              Kenny Metroff

                        Chris Weise                 Pete Guither                Jonathan Grabb

Keith Nadal                 Three Foot Gator Players


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)



Total Attendance


Attendance at the April 13th Theatre of Ted was 27. (Three of them were Jewish!) Small number, great acts! There were 22 Performances, a new high for the New Theatre of Ted.




Highlights from TED


Scott began the night with a serious moment talking about how he had died the night before and Walter Mathau told him to get the band back together. Scott pleaded for people to help him but the stipulation was the band had to be called Johoverkill, it was Walter’s idea.


“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”


Almost all of the acts at Ted this week were from members of the group Thee Foot Gator Players. Consisting of different members throughout the night, the main people seemed to be Enrico, Dan R. and Mike. Mike was in 8 acts that he was billed for and appeared in a few more.


Nick Lamb brought many musical instruments again to Ted this week that were used in two pieces. His first piece was a reciting of The Road Less Traveled by Frost with drums and a candle. It was very nice. His second drumming piece was another Musical Improv. He also had a rant that covered smiling and elevators and lots of stuff in between.


Dan did master pipe theatre again this week having it be a musical set list. He did a musical version of Diary of Ann Frank, a musical about bowling and combined Of mice and men and grease making a strange piece.

We had two serious monologues this week. Rico did an original monologue that kicked off the night and our Host Dan did a monologue from American History X.


Jonathan Grabb made us laugh with roadside poetry. Very funny and very original. Nice job Jon


One of my favorite moments was another first time performer. Dr. Cheese rocked the house with his Rock Block. Doing a combination of original tunes and classics, he made everyone laugh and sing.


Another new performer was Kenny Metroff who did a little security from an insecure body. I learned more about him then I every wanted to know. Nice job.


This Ted lasted about 2 hours.

“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”





List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Host Intro

Rico with an Origional Dramatic Monolouge

Tribute to Marion Hampton

Dan ‘The Man’ Radcliff with Standup

Jonathan Grabb with Roadside Poetry

The Oy Vay Moment of the Week Award Presentation

3 Foot Gator Players: Times Not to Joke, Part 1

Nick Lamb and the Road not Rythemed

3 Foot Gator Players: Zipper Jam

The Dr. Cheese Rock Block

Mike Schmeck with a Freakish Talent

Bastard X with a Monlouge from American History X

Pete Guither, Seater of Ted

3 Foot Gator Players: Times Not to Joke, Part 2

Nick Lamb

Scott with a Movie Idea, Christopher Walking

3 Foot Gator Players: Times not to Joke, Part 3

Dan Radcliff with Master Pipe Theatre

Mike the Magnificent

Kenny Metroff with A Little Security from an Insecure Body

Rico with another Monoluge

Nick Lamb with a Musical Improve


Because of the high number of participation this week and multiple performances, as best I can tell (If I’m wrong, let me know), these are the number of performance pieces by individuals this week:


Mike Schmeck (8)

Scott Rosen (6)

Dan Radcliff (6)

Enrico Natale (5)

Matt Russell (3)

Nick Lamb (3)




This list is for anyone who was in 3 or more. If I missed someone who performed in something, or the numbers are wrong, please e-mail me at and I will get it fixed. If there are any other corrections, please let me know and I will see that they are fixed.




Performance Piece(s) of the Week


There were a lot of acts this week so I had to make some decisions. So the Performances Pieces of this week will be…


A Tribute To Marion Hampton: DJ Jazz-E Jew (Scott) and his Three Fresh Disciples (Matt, Chris an Keith) Rocked the house with a Rap consisting of vocal warm-ups. There is a video recording of it so we are going to try to get it on the website.


3 Foot Gator Players with everything. They did soooooo much and it was all really good.



The Oy Vay! Moment of the Week Sponsored By Manischewitz


The Dr. Cheese Rock Block (he is Jewish so it counts!)


Congratulations! Your prize will be presented at Theatre of Ted on April 21th.