Theatre of TED

March 30, 2002



List of performers


                        Dan Huffines              Scott Rosen                 Pete Guither

                        Matt Russell               Keith Nadal                 Cassie Vlahos

                        Nick Lamb                  Enrico Natale              Ricky Rodriguez

                        Chris Arnold               Brian Clouthier           Kiana Jackson

                        Jimmy Brazelton         Cassidy Browning       Katie Angsten

                        Chris Weise                 Andy Hanback            Robert Hardaway

                        Bonnie Johnson           Lloyd Collins               Jenny


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)



Total Attendance


Attendance at the March 30th Theatre of Ted was 27 people.




Notes from TED


I would like to take a moment and make a personal thanks to Chris Arnold, who himself is a former host of Theatre of Ted (98-99). Chris was in town this past weekend and managed to make it to Ted. It’s always nice to have his support. Thanks Chris.


Okay people, so midnight came and there were 5 people waiting for Ted to begin. Over next 2 minutes over 20 people showed and Saturday Night became one of the, if not the best Ted of the year (IMODO—In my own damned opinion).


The evening opened with the Easter Bunny making a surprise appearance at theatre of Ted and “playing with children” and making sure every had some candy (Jelly Belly’s) to start the evening off. All of a sudden, little Scottie Rosen, excited to see the Easter Bunny and even though he’s Jewish wanted to set on his lap. The bunny was accused over and over of touching Scottie in an inappropriate manner until Scottie ran away. Alone set the bunny, accompanied only by that blissful sound of the X, I mean Pedo-Files music.


“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”


Scott Rosen introduced a piece that he would be performing later. First, however, he needed some help. He presented a perfectly matched Rubik’s Cube. He tossed it into the audience and asked for someone to mix it up over the period of the next 2 performance pieces.


Pete Guither talked about a subject controversial to some and humorous to others, the bible (aka: The Word of God). Pete discussed personal beliefs about the bible and brought up the issue of “If the Bible is the definitive word of God, then why are the so many translations of it?” From there he looked at some of the different absurdities in the bible and how they relate to peoples belief and image of a supreme being.


Keith Nadal revised his Archie Nun series in A Brand New Prequel. Here we saw Archie’s date with a young lady at a restaurant and how their evening got started. Possibly leading to a trip to a local hotel. Archie’s was back in a look at his pre-prison days, but after the killing of his mother. This prequel had a good flavor of Archie in his insistence on Sprite, short fuse with people, and of course his funeral restroom habits.


After Archie Nun, Keith re-entered the room in Hippie mode and is this apparently going to become a weekly thing for Keith. Lets see how many of you follow the lead and come to Ted in your Hippie best.


Scoot Rosen took center stage again this time receiving the Rubik’s cube instead of throwing it. Scott vowed to complete the puzzle before his previously selected music was done. The music began and while everyone clapped and/or stomped along, Scott completed it in just over 4 and a half minutes.


Nick lamb made his Ted debut with an Audience Participation improv. The idea was based on Who’s Line is it Anyway, where Nick as host took volunteers from the audience to come up with responses to his chosen categories. Only men volunteered for the improv and some of the some of the categories included were: Unlikely superheroes, Things you wouldn’t say on a first date, Things you wouldn’t say when meeting a girls parents for the first time. Funny stuff. Especially Andy Hanback in Unlikely superheroes as The Amazing Pedestrian.


TNA had done a recruitment video a couple of weeks back and now a rival Fraternity has laid out a challenge by showing a recruitment video of their own. What rival Fraternity you ask? Why, it’s the Fraternity of Awesome Guys.


Enrico, Ricky, Matt and Brian had a sing along with an original song entitled Too Young for Sex. Well, it was a sing along for most, except for poor Enrico, who was without a tongue, but did his best anyway. I’m sure the nice folks at Special Olympics would be so proud. Great stuff.


Chris Arnold, former Host of Ted, made his Ted return on Saturday Night with the old Pulling your leg story. Just goes to show that it’s not what you say, but how much you believe (and make everyone else believe) what you’re saying.


Matt Russell and friends performed 3 quick impressions for us, by depicting First: A T-Hom Party; Second: The crowd leaving Endgame; And Third: The end of The Mandrake.


Enrico and Ricky had a quick skit that turned out to be more audience participation than anything. They asked for 2 characters and a setting to be given from the audience. After much deliberation it was decided that the characters would be Kermit the Frog and Martin Lawrence, and that the setting would be the bunker from Endgame. After all of the hoopla, the two bumped into one another and fell down: Aaaaand Scene.


Brian Clouthier performed St. Patrick’s day, using only his guitar. Great stuff, his voice is good to hear and even though he claimed he forgot part of it, it didn’t matter. It’s always nice to have music at Ted and the more we have of Brian and pieces like this, the better Ted is.


It was at this time during Ted that setup began for the final event of the evening. Matt Russell had brought with him Dance Dance Revolution and was setting it up for anyone who wanted to stay around and play. It was also at this point that we learned that the remote to the TV was needed. Alas, it was back at home. The next 10 minutes was sort of a blur for me as I tried to get from the building, to my room and back with the remote as soon as possible. The whole trip took about 10 minutes, but from outside accounts, here is WHAT I MISSED:


Robert Hardaway performed a poem, and Lloyd Collins got up and did a rap for everyone. Robert and Matt Russell then gave everyone a treat by performing on a one-time basis only, The lost scene from The Laramie Project. Keith Nadal did a monologue, and there were a number of one-liners and jokes thrown in to keep the event moving along…..


AAAANNDDD, I’M BACK!!!!! Whew, got the remote, hot damn, out of breath….gotta get some water….


And it’s now time for dance Dance revolution. The idea is simple, using the power pad idea two people have a dance off by trying to keep up with the beat and action on the screen. A dozen people participated, some only by dancing in the aisles, but a good time nonetheless. There were some interesting face offs, including a Host versus Host dance off between Dan Huffines and Chris Arnold. Results will not be disclosed (read that for what it’s worth)


This Ted lasted about 2 hours and 45 minutes, and had the largest audience participation of any Ted this year.


“Theatre of Ted, Enthusiastic Applause”





List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Easter Bunny Intro

Scott with an Intro

Pete Guither—Word of God?

Brand New Prequel

Scott Amazing the Peeps

Audience Participation Improv

Fraternity of Awesome guys

Too Young for Sex—(sing along)

Chris Arnold—Pulling Your Leg

3 Quick Impressions

Enrico & Ricky’s Short Skit

Brian playing St. Patrick’s Day

Robert Hardaway w/a Poem

Lloyd Collins w/a rap

The Laramie Project: The Lost Scene

Keith w/a monolgue

Matt Russell w/ Entertainment for the Masses



Because of the high number of participation this week and multiple performances, as best I can tell (If I’m wrong, let me know), these are the number of performance pieces by individuals this week:


Matt Russell (6)

Keith Nadal (5)

Scott Rosen (5)

Enrico Natale (3)

Ricky Rodriguez (3)

Dan Huffines (2)

Robert Hardaway (2)

Chris Arnold (2)


This list is for anyone who was in more than 1 piece and if nothing else helps me, and yes, if you participated in Dance Dance Revolution that counted as one also. And just because I’m a big dork, I’d like to say congrats to everyone who was there, because participation was so high, 78% of everyone there participated.




Performance Piece(s) of the Week


Oh, where to begin, there were so many things that were good this week and I always hate pointing out just one or two when everyone deserves credit for what they do, but here goes:


There have been 2 selected for this week and they are:


Too Young for Sex—(Enrico, Ricky, Matt and Brian)


Audience Participation Improv—(Nick Lamb & others)




WoW MoM moment of the week


Scott Amazing the Peeps, he had that damned Rubik’s Cube together in less than 5 minutes!!!!!!!