Theatre of TED

March 23, 2002



List of performers


                        Dan Huffines              Mike Nulicek              Dan Radcliff

                        Matt Russell               Pete Guither                Scott J. Rosen

                        Courtney Rioux           Maria Lindner            Attila Weninger

                        Erik Schiefelbein


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)



Total Attendance


Attendance at the March 23rd Theatre of Ted was 39 people.




Notes from TED


This weeks Ted was “an intimate affair.” With many shows going on, attendance was down, but the energy was very high and this was the most relaxed Ted this year. Lasting more than an hour and 15 minutes, it a night of good humor and informative topics.


Dan Huffines, opened with a letter that had been sent to him and postmarked: “To be opened at Ted ONLY!!). And so it was. As it turned out, it was a letter from “Cox Older.” It seems that Older and Schoolee have gone undercover as children’s camp counselors in Montana (at an undisclosed location.) Their return is still in question, but one thing is not, and that is that The youth is out there!


Pete Guither introduced this evening’s chaos, which would be cued later in the evening by Dan Huffines.


Mike and Dan (Radcliff) helped everyone to garner a higher appreciation for the works of Nietzche, as Mike read from his basic writings and Dan was enlightened enough to translate how they can be interpreted today.


Matt Russell shared with us a recent dream and looked for suggestions on what it could mean. As always, Ted-Heads were ready with suggestions.


Dan Huffines shared with us that HE (too) HAD A DREAM!!! It somewhat different than Matt Russell’s in that it was of a more serious nature (enter groan here). Dan went on to explain and plea for support and pledges as he embarked on a campaign of Running for Racism. It was explained how any amount would help this wonderful cause. For example; A $5 donation would help him fight racism at Burger King. A $10 pleadge would allow for awareness to be raised at Avantis. And for those who wanted to become Gold Pledgers, then a $20 pledge would allow Dan and 3 of his friends to have a discussion of racism in America over dinner at Papa Johns.


Pete Guither followed with assistance from The Drug War Players with “Ripped from the Headlines.” Pete put together 5 scenes that depicted some of the contradictions and absurdities involved with the government’s war on drugs and how some of the most innocent people can somehow become those who are held most accountable. Some of the issues and themes prevalent in the scenes were confiscation of money on the assumption it involved in a drug deal, how mandatory sentence requirements often times fall back on those who are least involved and how students found guilty of drug possession and/or use loose financial aid while murderers and rapists DO NOT loose their eligibility.


Chaos was a bit on the quiet side this week, fitting for the affair. But then again, at least the snakes were allowed to hisssssss…..


Scott J. Rosen shared with everyone something of a personal nature, describing how a birth defect is dealt with and some of the interesting situations that one can find themselves in because of it. (For more information see Scott). Scott’s piece was informative, funny and made us all a little closer with Scott.


Dan Radcliff introduced Master-Pipe theatre (insert favorite drug reference here). Doing a degree of “highly” entertaining parodies of some of the most classically beloved works.


The evening ended with a tease, as the X, I mean Pedo-Files music hit and the lights went out, but there, was no Older, there was no Schollee…Only Dan, reminding us that they were away and may never return.



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Intro with Dan: Mysterious Letter

Pete Guither Chaos

The Basic Writings of Nietzche (as interpreted by Mike & Dan)

Matt Russell with a Dream

Public Service Announcement: Running for Racism

Pete Guither and The Drug War Players: Ripped from the Headlines

Scott J. Rosen: Using What God Gave Him!!

Master Pipe Theatre



Performance Piece of the Week


Dan Radcliff in Master Pipe Theatre



WoW MoM moment of the week


(There have been 2 selected this week)


Dan Radcliff premiering the musical version of Oedipus Rex at Master Pipe Theatre


Courtney Rioux as one of The Drug War Players. During The drug raid scene when an innocent Erik Schiefelbein was shot and killed, Courtney in a sincere sounding reaction uttered “that’s so sad…”….(funny as hell people!!)