Theatre of TED

February 23, 2002



List of performers


Keith Nadal                 Michael Schmeuck                  Pete Guither

Dan Radcliff                Becky Kusar                           Matt Russell

Mike Nulicek              Annette Fech                            Enrico Natale

Ricky Rodriguez         Tom Pleviak                            Kyle Waites

                        Peter J. Zielinski         Brett Presson                          Kiana Jackson


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)


Note #1: There are as many as 4 individuals who took part in performance pieces at this Saturday’s Theatre of Ted, whose names I do not know, can’t recall or simply did not write down. I apologize for this and if anyone reading this is caught by their omissions from the performers list, please lets us know so that we can give proper credit.


Note #2: Video pieces are often brought into Ted to be shown. Videos are just as encouraged as any other performance as Ted. However, only those who perform live at Ted will be included on the list of performers. If you appear in a video only, you will not be listed in the section above. Your piece will be included in the list of performance pieces.




Total Attendance


Attendance at the February 23rd Theatre of Ted was 75 people.




Notes from TED


The evening opened on a somber note with a message from Brett Presson and Pete Zielinski. Their introduction to Theatre of Ted and immediate departure after an apparent apology left many asking the age old question: “what the hell?” After being kicked out (more like thrown out) of Ted last week, Dale Stocktone returned this week. He had heard that Archie Nun would not be their that night so he decided to parody Keith Nadal’s popular, recurring skit. He poked fun at Archies use of various props and word usages until Keith showed up as Archie and proceeded to take the sprite Dale was using to mock Archie and pour it down Dale’s shirts. Keith then did a Best of Archie style recap which was done in a style of random thoughts strung together and ending in a very well done dramatic style as it is revealed that Archie had killed his mother. This was the fourth and Final(?) installment of the Archie Nun series. Will we ever see Archie again? That is uncertain, but what is for sure is that every time I elevate my bed off the ground, get a new piece of furniture or move into a new place I will be looking at things in a new dimension: Archie Cocks.


After Archie departed, Dale, still drenched with sprite returned to discuss something he hoped to have better luck with, a piece he called “How to pick up women with minimal back strain.”


Pete Guither returned with Chaos this week, following the same successful format used at last weeks Theatre of Ted. For the past 2 weeks Chaos has been well received by those at Ted. Some of the key words chosen by the audience this week included: Vivian Hall, Tom Ringrose, black eye patch, black leather thong and Mark Wahlburg. If you were at Ted on Saturday, then you would know what each of these meant and more importantly, how they were used!


Dan Radcliff revised the Sugar Hill Gang hit song Rapper’s Delight with help from Matt Russell and Becky Kusar, who provided the beat box. Anyone who knows the song, and how long the original version is (15:32 on CD) can understand why Matt needed to catch his breath before performing his Dramatic Reading……But, once he did, he got one of the biggest laughs of the night with his reading of a piece called “Hair”, which was of course from the Vagina Monologues.


Everyone was then treated to a recruitment video from T.N.A. The video showed the lifestyle that you could hope to live if you were able to get with T.N.A.


Up next was Mike Nulicek with his “Shakesfest Reject.” Shakesfest Reject was, well, just in the name I’m sure anyone who has, or has not auditioned for Shakesfest can understand what this one was about. Kusar followed it us with a joke, before Annette Fech made her Ted debut performing as Cher and doing a cover of Walking in Memphis.


Pete Guither gave out his Dare to Suck Gold awards for the 2002 Winter Olympics. The awards highlighted those who tried but maybe didn’t have a chance in the world but still made good and those how made those most of their opportunities. Dare to Suck Gold led right into Chaos for everyone in attendance and lasted for about 5 minutes.


Enrico and Ricky performed in a skit called “Private Wars.” The action of the scene was well thought out and aside from being funny the timing of the piece was very good. Both had a good sense of comic timing.


Dan Radcliff continued adding to his stand up routine, and even improvised by making comment on the people who come to Ted for their 1 thing and then leaving as quickly as possible. Kusar followed up Dan with a story.


Next was a public service announcement from the M.U.F.F. What is the M.U.F.F. you ask? Well it stands for the Mime Ultimate Fate Fund. It was presented as a way of ridding the world of it’s mime problem. As it was pointed out members of the M.U.F.F., “Mimes will most likely be extinct in 10 years. Folks, that’s just not fast enough.


Up after that was “Pedo-Files (on location)….Insert Groan here…..This episode saw the continuation of Schoolee’s training. This will be the last seen of the Pedo-Files for a while as both Older and Schollee are going under cover, their whereabouts unknown. So do not expect to see them at Ted anytime soon. (Note: This idea and skit and video that followed were meant to show that anything is acceptable at Theatre of Ted. No one will be censored and not everything has to be acceptable to everyone. That was the purpose behind this series.)


Kyle and Matt returned this week with another “Real Life Issue.” And the evening was ended with another public service announcement. This one brought to light a concern that plagues us all: what happens when you bring Pop-Rocks into the equation of oral sex.


This was longest Ted to date clocking in at around 2 hours and 35 minutes. It was also the first time that there was not 16 pieces performed. Tonight had 18 different pieces.



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Intro with Brett & Pete

Dale Stocktone with his Archie impersonation

Archie Nun (4th installment)

Dale Stocktone with a public service announcement

Dan with a song

Matt’s Dramatic Reading

T.N.A. Recruitment Video

Skakesfest Reject

Kusar with a Joke

Cher, “Gracing our Presence”

Dare to Suck Gold!!

Private Wars

Dan with Stand-Up

Kusar with a Story

Public Service Announcement from the M.U.F.F.

Pedo-Files Video

A Real Life Issue

Unrelated Public Service Announcement


Performance Piece(s) of the Week


Archie Nun (installment #4)

Private Wars

Cher, “Gracing our Presence”




WoW MoM moment of the week


There have been 2 selected for this week:


When it is revealed that Archie had killed his mother


Just hearing Matt Russell talk about “his” vagina