Theatre of TED

February 16, 2002



List of performers


Dan Huffines              Pete Guither                Jeff Fisher                               Keith Nadal

Chris Weise                 Michael Schmeuck      Mike Montgomery                   Dan Radcliff

Matt Russell               Adam Rosowicz         Kyle Waites                            Becky Kusar  

Nick Izzo                    Adal Rifai                    Lewis Miller                            Chris Sauber

Jason Wroblewski       Mike Nulicek               The Nuli-Chicks                      Kiana Jackson


(Italics denotes a new performer at TED)



Total Attendance


Attendance at the February 16th Theatre of TED was 82 people



Notes from TED


Nearly half of everyone who performed at Saturday Nights Theatre of TED were 1st time performers. On Saturday Night, Keith Nadal brought us the third installment of Archie Nun, which continues to only get better with each week. Jeff Fisher performed a dramtic piece, Noted Weed. In addition to his stand-up routine, Dan Radcliff & Jason Wroblewski teamed with Mike Nulicek and the Nuli-Chicks as Honduran Ophelia performed an almost nude version of Tenacious-D’s hit, “Fuck her Gently.”


A real life issue was presented in Ebonie & Ivory, which brought to the surface a definite emotional issue that plagues many students in need of academic counseling and assistance…(Yeah, something like that)


Kusar entertained everyone with 2 pieces: A joke inspired by a friend and a….hhmmm…”Reading”, which was nothing short of…Titillating.


Adal Rifai debuted at Theatre of TED this week in a funny bit entitled Stool Pigons, with Matt Russell and Nick Izzo. Later, Adal returned with assistance from Kiana Jackson, as he performed impersonations of Al Pacino, Casey Kasem and, of course, Bill Cosby.


Lewis Miller did juggling which was well received by everyone while Monty & Sauber did A 1-liner, which made promise of a performance at next weeks TED.


Throughout the entire night, Dale Stocktone—Professional Heckler, was in attendance doing his best to disrupt other performances. He continued throughout the night until he absolutely ruined Dan Huffines’ Phantom Menace piece, which had to be cut short as Dan physically had to through Dale out of the room, and banished him from TED for the evening.



Chaos              Jack                Pete                Antonello                   Shirt                Nipple




List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Valentine Intro


Noted Weed

Archie Hun

Dale Stocktone—Professional Heckler

Dan w/ stand-up

A Real-Life Issue (aka: Ebonie & Ivory)

Kusar w/ a joke

Stool Pigeons

Lewis Miller’s Juggling

Monty & Sauber’s 1 Liner

Honduran Ophelia featuring The Nuli-Chicks

First Impressions

Phantom Menace

Kusar w/ a reading




Performance Piece(s) of the Week


Archie Nun

A Real Life Issue (Ebonie & Ivory)

First Impressions



WoW MoM moment of the week


Adal, while doing his “Bill Cosby” is insulted by Professional Heckler, Dale Stocktone & replies w/ “I’m gonna stick a Jello Puddin’ Pop up your ass…”