Theatre of TED

February 9, 2002



List of performers


Dan Huffines              Scott Rosen                 Peter J. Zielinski                     Brett Presson Matt Russell               Pete Guither                Dan Radcliff                            Tom Pleviak

Jason Wrobeleski        Keith Nadal                 Chris Weise                             Nick Izzo

Maren Brucker            Carlo Garcia                Ricky Rodriguez                     Marc



Total Attendance


Attendance for the 2nd Theatre of TED of 2002 was 96 people



Notes from TED


The second Theatre of TED performance of 2002 was highlighted by 16 different performances featuring 17 different performers, and lasting a little over 2 hours. This week saw the introduction of Chaos to Theatre of TED. Chaos was introduced by Pete Guither as a way of getting people involved at TED. Watch out, because, Chaos will be returning. After 2 weeks of TED, Brett Presson has proved to be the ironman thus far, by participating in an incredible 8 performance pieces. Other notables would include Pete Zielinski who’s been in 5 and Dan Radcliff who has performed twice at each of the first 2 Ted’s thus far. Other highlights from the second Theatre of TED included Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #26 & #79A & #79B (Note: it was 79A that was in reference to Ricky’s Mom), the second installment of Archie Nun and the return of Honduran Ophelia. This TED also had a little more variety than last weeks. Marc performed a song a cappella, Pete Guither spoke on various topics relating to the war against terrorism and the war on drugs, and the piece entitled Sound of Absence expressed a creative and expressive use of paints on canvas, put to music.



List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Introduction by Dan—Puttin’ on the Ritz

Pete Guither’s—Chaos

Honduran Ophelia

Matt Russell w/a Dramatic Reading

Casting Couch

Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #26

Archie Nun

Pete Guither—Stop Me Before I Kill Again!

Nick Izzo w/a Selection From The Allen Notebooks

Scott Rosen

Mr. Gone w/a Little Story

Dan Radcliff’s Stand-up

Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #79A. & #79B.

Sound of Absence

Marc w/a song

Ricky Rodriguez—Sexual Independence



Performance Pieces of the Week


·      Nick Izzo—Selection From The Allen Notebooks

·      Sound of Absence



WoW MoM moment of the week


Nick Izzo doing Woody Allen.