Theatre of TED

February 2, 2002



List of performers


Dan Huffines              Scott Rosen                 Peter J. Zielinski                     Benny Young

Brett Presson              Cori Kabat                  Adam Rosowicz                     Matt Russell

Pete Guither                Shannon Clausen         Arron                                      Betsy Beams

Dan Radcliff                Jason Wrobeleski        Hannah Ferdinand                   Tom Pleviak

Becky Kusar               Kyle Waites                Tim Sosko                               Keith Nadal

Chris Weise                 Larry The Fur Trapper



Total Attendance


Attendance for the first Theatre of TED of 2002 was 76 people



Notes from TED


The first Theatre of TED performance of 2002 was highlighted by 14 different performances featuring 22 different performers, and lasting nearly 2 full hours. The evening began with an introduction by new TED host Dan Huffines. Some of the comments in Dan’s introduction sparked a brawl that, along with Dan, included Scott Rosen, Pete Zielinski, Benny Young, Mr. Bean, Jay & Silent Bob and Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings. Other highlights from the first Theatre of TED included the TED debut of Honduran Ophelia, Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #5 & #38, Archie Nun, Larry the Fur Trapper, Arianna with poetry and Episode 1 of The Pedifiles.


List of Performance Pieces (in order of performance)


Introduction and welcome(?) by Dan

Pete Guither’s—What to expect at Ted

Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #5


Arron’s song for the ladies

Mission Quest Thing.

Honduran Ophelia

The Pedifiles

A Sandwich Story

Brett & Pete’s Sex Tips for Freshman—Tips #38

Musical Improv w/ Dan Radcliff

Larry The Fur Trapper

La Kuzar

B & T Beat Box

Archie Nun

Public Service Announcement—Reclaim the Darkness


Performance Pieces of the Week


·      Larry The Fur Trapper

·      Archie Nun



WoW MoM moment of the week


There is no better moment of the week then the general rebirth of Theatre of TED. The entire night was collective moment for everyone who was there and especially for all of those involved. Seeing the efforts of the past few months unfold and come to life was a feeling that made all of the efforts to bring TED back, worthwhile. That’s why the entire night, all of those who performed, all of those who watched and everyone who made it possible all contributed to this, our first Moment of the Week.