Submissions and Gallery

Theatre of Ted Gallery

Videos from TED! Available at YouTube.

Photos from TED! [Note: if you wish higher resolution versions of any images that you are in, simply email Redbeard with the Ted date and the photo number.]

Images on this site are of people attending public events and are for the personal non-commercial use of Theatre of Ted participants only. All rights reserved. If you find your image on this website and wish to have it removed, you may email our webmaster at We will have that image removed within 24 hours of the request being received if we have all of the information needed. Please provide the event date and image number(s).


A special treat: Actual historical Ted pieces from the very first Theatre of Ted: October 20, 1990.

This section of the website is also for artistic expression that may not work as well in a performance art setting.

Examples of such work could include:
  • Poetry
  • Visual Art
  • Computer Art (including video and audio work)
All work submitted must be original work. The work that is chosen to be presented here will be selected in a totally arbitrary and subjective manner.

Contact if you have submissions.