The Official Website of ISU's Foursquare Marathon

The 2012 Foursquare Marathon will begin in
44 days, 16 hours, 22 minutes, 13 seconds!

Four-square? Isn't that the game that you played in 5th grade or at summer camp? Yes... but until you've seen it played by the theatre students at Illinois State, you haven't really experienced it.

Four-square is played at the theatre department on a regular basis on breaks and sometimes the game has gone on for several hours, but once a year the students aim higher. The goal: Keeping at least one four-square court active for at least 36 hours straight, while raising money for student scholarships. 

By pledging $2 per hour, or $.50 per hour (or $5 per hour if you're ready to really challenge us), you can support some of the top theatre talent that has given Illinois State such a strong theatre reputation, and help those talented students continue their education and production work. Donations are tax deductible. If you prefer to donate online with a credit card, that's fine. Your gift will be acknowledged by the Illinois State University Foundation.

You can also donate food or beverage to keep the players going, and bring your lawn chair and join in the fun as the games continue through the night and all the way until Friday evening? Saturday morning?

Note: If you wish to go ahead and send in a donation, make your checks payable to: "Illinois State University Foundation - Theatre of Ted" and mail to: 

Four-Square Marathon
Illinois State University
Campus Box 5600
Normal, IL 61790-5600

TEAMS: This year, we have teams working to raise donations and they can win great prizes. If you've been contacted by a team, include the team number with your donation (either on the pledge form or on the check). If you're donating online, add the team number as the number of cents of the donation (eg, $20.08 donation will be credited to team #8).